Cheryl and Ashley Cole on eBay

March 6, 2010

Everybody knows about the cheat Ashley Cole and the new subject of sex-ting, but is this really going to stick as I have seen some people selling techniques and tips on sex-ting on eBay.

Is there really a skill to this or should you just be yourself and text what your thinking. Do you think this subject should be sold on eBay or do you think that becoming a love rat or cheat should not be sold or taught, as I can only see it becoming a funny but controversial subject.

What are your thoughts people let me know and ill pst the updates.

cheryl and ashley

Cheryl and Ashley

Ali Larter

October 8, 2009

Ali Larter the sexy young lady from heroes. She was reported recently to be trading some of her Ali Larter souvenirs on eBay. The thing is i think as you can see by the images below this will either attract hundreds of film geeks or out and out perverts to the eBay.

Personally I think she is beautiful but as a man would I really want to buy and female paraphernalia from the show and what would I do with a Ali Larter cat suit. As I’m not a traditional cross dresser I don’t think I would take the option of wearing a traditional ladies skin tight outfit, but then again I could buy if for my girlfriend.

ali larter

ali larter

Ali Larter

Ali Larter

Family Guy

April 26, 2009

I love family guy and its time I got my act together and bought myself the whole 5 or 6 series box set. Every single episode is really funny and unlike common cartoons like the Simpson’s there is always at least one side splitting moment or they take things to the point of political correctness.

This has made the show appear to e more of an adult cartoon with strange and on the edge story lines. Its lines like when the baby says, “what kind of man would I be if I ran off now” and the dog says “well you would be a black man” to far?

Has anyone else out there watched it because if you have and you want to sell the box set get in touch with me and we can come to some agreement, otherwise I’m going to good old eBay.


Image Consultant

March 29, 2009

One or two people at work have lost weight or gained weight since Christmas and I am going to write this article and send it to them as they need to update there wardrobes to fit there new body shapes so its time to recommend a Image consultant to get them a new look.

I have looked on eBay to see if they can book one cheap and I didn’t have much look except one image consultant called get frock-ed image consultant, which looks like they could get a good make over but its just a classified advert rather than something like a service they can bid on. So they will have to search eBay and hopefully get the number and give them a bell.

Man U vs Everton wembley tickets

March 12, 2009

Everton and Man United have fought hard so far in the F.A. cup to reach the last 4, the quarter finals and they will be contesting this at this stage for the first time ever at wembley. Lots of hospitality days and packages are creeping on to eBay. The funny is lots of Everton fans are signing up to them and Man U fans the over confident idiots are bidding on accommodation and packages for the final thinking that the game against Everton will be a walk over. Well I just hope Everton can squeeze the win and make all the United fans who are expectantly buying all this accommodation and packages eat there confidence and waste there money. Come on Everton.

soccerette on soccer am flashing video sold on eBay

November 9, 2008

There have been many a video on soccer AM which has made people either cringe or stand back in amazement but when of the best videos was of a girl who sat with the fans who had a short skirt on and when she got up to clap with the fans the skirt rose up revealing that she had no knickers on.

Now reports have revealed that the video was stolen or taken, not sure which really, but it was from the soccer AM studios and it has now been sold on eBay.

Now if you have not seen it before you can view it here but be warned I would class it as 18+. CLICK THIS

Its amazing what people will buy on eBay.

X Factor Seat next on eBay

November 6, 2008

My next guess for something to appear is Dannii Minogue’s seat as she not coping with Rachel Hyltons attitude and apparently because of the song choices Dannii keeps making, Rachel has decided to go it alone and choose her own song and mentor herself.

This ask the question, surely her other contestant Daniel is the front runner to go this week, that would leave Dannii with no one to mentor and as Simon is very much favouring Cheryl every time she opens her mouth will surely get rid of Dannii and put her seat up for grabs on eBay.

Its pretty far fetched but I think anything is possible when it coems to Simon Cowell and the X-Factor, the funny bit would seeing which ex-celebs would bid for the seat and try and claw back there career, Russell or Ross?

November 4, 2008

With the world going mad, lots of countries in recession, and even war and starvation, the far reaches of the globe i.e. America is doing its usual crazy stunts with the general presidential elections.

It is, even though America is in a recession, the most expensive financial campaign.

One of the biggest sellers on, are the presidential wannabees, children dolls, you can buy the future presidents doing almost anything in the shape of a doll.

The usual suspects are now appearing now the elections are nearly over and you can buy all the old election gear like t-shirts and mugs with Obama engraved on them.

The doll that caught my eye is a really funny one with both campaigners dressed up as boxers, plus even funnier, there is a warning on the box stating that violence will not solve anything and is not endorsed by either candidate.

In the sales side of things Obama products have outsold McCain by 10 to 1 but the biggest seller out of all of this is Sarah Palin, who seems to have a lot of products taking the mickey out of her or just plain old sexy (if you think she is, not me) photo’s.

If you are interested in this election go get yourself a bargain otherwise let me know what other bargains are out there.

Funny eBay video

October 1, 2008

I was bored and looking through some eBay stuff and I came across this funny video.

It really does optimise a lot of things that are sold on eBay and emphasizes all the crap we buy and sell that other want.

It made me laugh to think that I have sold lots of the stuff i the song and how people now have taken the time to write and expertly sing to a back street boys tune.

Im even tempted to do one myself just for a bit of fun but I simply dont have the time. Does anyone else have any funny eBay related videos and Ill post them for the world to see.

Ill try when i get time and post some of the other funny stuff I found and let me know hat you think.

eBAy famous Toast

September 22, 2008

On Friday afternoon there were quite a few silly articles and items posted around the world on eBay and inevitably, the actual shape or image of the United States vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is appearing on a strange looking piece of toast, on eBay.

The similarity is sceptical but pretty good. The crazy Bids were last at $12,100.00, when i last looked they had more than a full day to bid. There is another crazy but entrepreneurial mad toast seller has managed to put Obama and McCain have a fight and on the other side of another toasty shape of Mrs Palin. Strangely in comparison to the other piece after toast its not been bid on yet.

Reuters have released reports that anything to do with Palin and all types of merchandise is all over eBay, with sellers coming up with all sorts of ideas from Palin Barbie dolls and crazily action figures, to ugly Palin supposedly sexy thongs. The amount of Sarah Palin products for sale on eBay completely outnumber her democratic opponent Joe Biden with stats saying over 6-1. But obviously Barack Obama is the man with the biggest eBay listings with over 4000 selling items, compared to John McCain’s 1500.

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