pine furniture

July 9, 2009

pine furniture is such a boring subject when it comes to my weekends but my girlfriend is very persuasive when she wants something and its time to repopulate the whole house in a contemporary feel with pine furniture.

Now she was talking the other night about all the different styles of furniture that you can buy but after we had discussed over one H U N D R E D different possibilities we both came to an agreement that pine furniture is the new black or the in style for 2009. The problem I have now is for the next twenty bloody weekends I’m going to get dragged round every pine furniture shop in the UK, which always results in the trip diversifying into other forms of shopping which I absolutely hate, like clothes shopping or basically anything to do with female fashion, makeup etc.

I have recently cottoned on to this and started to pick shopping centres or complexes that have stuff for me like pubs or the cinema so she can potter off on her own and bore herself to death with all the girly things in the world.

What techniques do you have for getting out of the long haul shopping trips is it eBay?

pine furniture

pine furniture

The eBay logo

November 21, 2008

One of the main elements when I came to choosing the design for my own site was the theme which incorporated the logo.

The thinking behind this is when you use a site it is always best to have consistency through the whole site, for instance if you are buying a holiday from a well known website and you go through the whole process of choosing the best hotel and swimming pool, making sure it has all the facilities and beaches close by, and then when you come to click on buy the site then jumps of to a different web address which has a completely different layout and look the end user tends to think there are being swindled or ripped off.

One of the main things that can change this is the Logo Design, look at this site for instance it has a very similar logo to the actual eBay site and because if offer tips and hints and up to date news about eBay its always best to make the end user feel that they are receiving good, reliable information which will either benefit them or keep them interested.

I have found that people trust this site and the knowledge and news I share and I think the theme or Logo has a lot to do with it.

Russell Brands eBay

November 1, 2008

Since the uproar of the radio show on BBC Radio 2 with Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand the sales of product related items on eBay has gone through the roof.

You can buy everything from the obvious DVDs, and stand up routines to some skinny jeans supposedly worn by the fowl mouthed legend and even a lock of his scraggy hair.

Many people believe what he did was funny and the result has gone far to far with Brand now actually resigning, websites including face-book have been running polls and the results show that 95% of people thought it was funny and grandads like Louis Walsh from X factor being the only fuddy dud-dies who have nothing else to moan about kicking up a stink.

If Brand knew about how much of his stuff was flying off eBay he could make a killing.

eBay Elemis Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask 50ml/1.8oz

October 12, 2008

So my sister got married recently and the night before the wedding she went to a beautiful Spa in Essex, she had a lovely time and found her new favorite product called Elemis Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask 50ml/1.8oz.

Unfortunately she could not have the product on the day from the spa as the treatment had used it all and they had ran out, the problem with this is when my sister wants something she will not stop until she has got especially if she is in a shopping mood, so it turns out by simply turning on a PC and shopping on eBay she found the same product for half the price still in the wrapper, so as good as new.

eBay comes up trumps again.

Clothes swapping

October 8, 2008

swapping clothes has become a national fad and last night there was actually a whole television program dedicated to the new trend.

Twiggy presented the whole show and allowed all participants to swap what ever clothes they owned on there backs for someone Else’s personal belongings.

There has been talk that one day eBay will offer this service and get its cut from the delivery charge, I’m guessing that some entrepreneur will cotton on to this soon and set up a website to cash in on this, there are opportunities out there with recycling textile mills who and i quote the famous fashion queen Rebecca Drake,

“It is estimated that more than 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away every year, with most of this coming from household sources. Textiles make up about 3% by weight of a household bin. At least 50% of the textiles we throw away are recyclable, however, the proportion of textile wastes reused or recycled annually in the UK is only around 25%. “

If you fancy an investment lets give it a go and give me shout.

eBay scammer owned

October 5, 2008

This is classic as a stupid girl decides to advertise two mobile phones for sale on eBay. Well a mother and daughter decide that they are going to buy them they bid and win, but to there surprise when they opened the parcel they received two photos of the phones. Watch this.

Judge Judy is a legend and if you know how to find her and you know who to call maybe you could hire her and make her own another thief for you.

If I ever get robbed on eBay I’m going to look her up and let her humiliate the idiot who thinks they can get away with robbing people on eBay.

£5000 that should teach her not to do it again but I doubt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paypal Protection

October 2, 2008

eBay is actually updating its Buyer Protection page and it know shows that the advice for all your items

“arrives significantly as described, then you can receive the full value of your purchase (including postage) back when you pay with PayPal”.

You see I have always though that if a buyer recives the product they paid for and are really happy and content with it, that as a seller we should not have the right to keep the cash. could you imagine if eBay changed the page to say

“arrives significantly NOT as described”

before the hoards of buyers want cash returned.

eBAy famous Toast

September 22, 2008

On Friday afternoon there were quite a few silly articles and items posted around the world on eBay and inevitably, the actual shape or image of the United States vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is appearing on a strange looking piece of toast, on eBay.

The similarity is sceptical but pretty good. The crazy Bids were last at $12,100.00, when i last looked they had more than a full day to bid. There is another crazy but entrepreneurial mad toast seller has managed to put Obama and McCain have a fight and on the other side of another toasty shape of Mrs Palin. Strangely in comparison to the other piece after toast its not been bid on yet.

Reuters have released reports that anything to do with Palin and all types of merchandise is all over eBay, with sellers coming up with all sorts of ideas from Palin Barbie dolls and crazily action figures, to ugly Palin supposedly sexy thongs. The amount of Sarah Palin products for sale on eBay completely outnumber her democratic opponent Joe Biden with stats saying over 6-1. But obviously Barack Obama is the man with the biggest eBay listings with over 4000 selling items, compared to John McCain’s 1500.

eBay cheap find!!

September 19, 2008

Tonight I’m going to test out how many people trawl eBay in search of cheap bargains or items.

I’m going to put a normal item, but I’m not going to say what on here up for auction but put no reserve on it and not put it down as something popular ad spell it wrong, to see if people can find it ad get a bargain.

I have tried this before with mis-pellings and people ended spending more than it was worth strangely I assume thinking they had found a mi-spelt bargain.

The previous item I sold was a BT home hub ad I spelt it with a (VT) instead of BT.

The reserve was not set and all I wanted was £10, it ended selling for over £50 and the buyer was over the moon.

Can you guess what I’m selling?

A simple clue is the blue side of Liverpool and with signtures but thats just along the description.

eBay Feedback

September 5, 2008

I think it’s about time eBay announced a brand new colour flying star, the reason i say this is because two major sellers have topped the massive one million mark for positive excellent feedback on eBay.

It happened on the 26th of August everydaysource joined the elite group with thier one millionth feedback, and in a close line finish on the 27th accstation jumped over the one million high bar and joined the fun.

The highest feed back you can get is given to you at 100,000 feedback, incidentally only 400 sellers on the globe have reached. The highest amount of feedback points for a UK player is gowingstore with 486,640, not only making them number one in the UK but number 9 in the whole world.

The two companies who have managed to attain this massive amount I take my hat off and congratulate you both its a massive result.

One million stars