SEO Gloucester

August 30, 2011

Should you be a company in Gloucester looking for SEO? Then the obvious thing to do is type in SEO Gloucester but realistically is the best SEO company elsewhere in the UK?

On there are hundreds of SEO companies offering different types of SEO – some offer both on and off page optimisation where as others “specialise” in just one of these areas.

Many locals companies that appear for SEO Gloucester will give you a very good service for the spend – but will they make you number one? The chances are they won’t, the only thing you will get to do is see someone face to face.

Teeth Whitening Stockport

June 2, 2011

I have found it impossible to find a mobile teeth whitening service, which will come to my house in Stockport so I reverted to EBay. Where I found plenty of people selling the kits but also offering good descriptions and advice on them.
So take my advice if you are looking for Teeth Whitening Stockport then stop and go to Ebay, buy a teeth whitening kit and do them yourself.

There are so many bargains to be had and if you are after that white gleaming smile then give it a go.


Swansea vs Reading Wembley tickets play off final

May 20, 2011

So has any one got there ticket yet, I wasn’t sure they had been released but I have seen people selling them on eBay.

I noticed some of the adverts next to this article are offering tickets.

I will allow people to post request for tickets here and offer tickets for sale to help people out! Post away!

Neil Lennon Attacker Charged With Assault: John Clark Wilson 26 from Edinburgh

May 13, 2011

I know this is not about eBay but I wanted to open a public post so people can openly comment on the attack of Neil Lennon by John Wilson, 26, from Edinburgh, personally I think this so called man is a buffoon and racist idiot!!!!

I think for doing something so callous in the public eye, he should be made an example of and punished twice for the crime he has done. Send him to jail and double the sentence to teach any future criminals a lesson.

What are your thoughts? Please be honest and open!!

Look at the idiot missing the punch!

Kareena Kapoor

May 5, 2011

Kareena Kapoor is another person I found because of the interest in sales on eBay to do with products that she has used in her bollywood career, over 18100 searched for her on Google last month and eBay products are around the similar mark.

I’m sure there will be some money to be made when you are that popular in a country with over 1.2 billion.

Either way ill try and cash in on it, what’s you opinion of Kareena Kapoor?

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Aishwarya Rai

May 5, 2011

So Aishwarya Rai is an Indian bollywood actress and also miss world contestant, she actually won the competition in 1994 and went on to become an idol for all Indian women across the world.

I recently came across her as I was offered by a fellow eBay trader a shawl that she wore in the miss world competition. Unfortunately it was out of my price range as I was going to resell it, but this opened up a whole new world of Aishwarya Rai.

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai

The royal wedding!!!

April 29, 2011

I’m sat here watching the TV and every channel has the royal wedding beaming into it and I thought how many people in the world are trying to cash in on this, as I just saw an advert from one of the big electrical companies saying “as its the royal wedding we are knocking £200 of of laptops” WTF!!!!!!!

Its all over eBay people selling commemorative crap that will never we worth anything as the market is flooded.

Either way I hope the couple are happy but leave me out of this!

Is anybody else getting annoyed with today?

Champions league final Wembley tickets Man United vs Barcelona 2011

April 28, 2011

I know this articles title is a little premature as only the first legs have been played but with Manchester Untied and Barcelona both winning their away legs 2-0 its very difficult seeing the likes of Shalke or Real Madrid coming back.

With the final being played at Wembley so many people will be hunting for tickets in the UK as the mouth watering tie will surely get a full house. If you look left of this post im sure you will be able to get some ticket offers.

Plus what score do you think the second leg will be?

I think it will be 0-0′s all round then 4-3 in the final to Barcelona.

FA cup final tickets, Man City vs Stoke City

April 19, 2011

FA cup final tickets, Man City vs Stoke City

Well this is a turn up for the books, two random teams trying to win what I consider the best cup competition in the world, the FA cup. The final will as always be played traditionally at Wembley.

Tickets will go on sale this Friday, who would of thought that it would end up Man City vs Stoke City? Not me thats for sure, I thought it would end up Man United vs Bolton, and my bet365 account show this.

Well if you look to the left of this article I’m sure there will be adverts offering tickets, so watch this space.

Also it would be good to get a score prediction going, if someone gets it spot on ill give that person a free guest blog on here, talking about whatever you want, within reason.

My personal guess will be 3-1 to Manchester City.

My boss who is a Stoke fan is guessing 2-1 to Stoke City.

What’s your prediction?

This year I’m going to be keeping an eye eBay for ticket prices as last year I saw a last minute ticket going for over £500, I’m not sure when you can buy a new laptop or have two weeks in the sun for that cost that I would spend that amount on a football ticket?

FA cup final tickets, Man City vs Stoke City

FA cup final tickets, Man City vs Stoke City

Royal wedding invitations

February 24, 2011

With the Royal Wedding invitations having been handed out this week, the public are starting to get excited about what is likely to be one of the events of the year.
With the guest list ranging from David & Victoria Beckham, through to MP’s and other members of the royal family, it is likely to be a who’s who of fashionable people.
The invitations that have been released were quickly leaked to the press and have been widely praised for their simple, yet elegant design. This is in keeping with William and Kate’s modest lifestyle that they appear to lead despite being one of the most photographed couples.
For those of us not lucky enough to get an invite, there is the added bonus of the way the bank holidays fall and if you are clever enough (or your boss is understanding), then you can actually end up with 11 days off work, whilst using only 3 official holiday days.
If you haven’t already started thinking about it, the opportunity for street party is something that shouldn’t be turned down. These parties are likely to be the bringing together of people, who in current society don’t always speak with their neighbours.
All in all, the wedding of William and Kate will be an event not to be missed.


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