eBay – Turbo Lister

March 28, 2008

Turbo Lister is a desktop application for eBay that allows sellers to create listings easily and upload them in seconds. I use Turbo Lister and find it very useful, especially when I’m travelling as I can work offline. The Turbo Lister interface is a table which allows you to input item information such as price and title easily. It also means you don’t have to go through eBay’s cumbersome interface.

My favourite features:

  • Pre-filled item information which appears when you start to enter information for the listing, this saves lots of time, especially with books and films.
  • Design view, this allows you to view what your listing will look like whilst you edit it.
  • The ability to log in with multiple eBay accounts, this means you can access your listings for different accounts through one application , quickly and easily.

Overall I’d rate Turbo Lister as an essential for the determined eBayer.

Jelly Bean

March 27, 2008

This seller thinks this Jelly Bean looks like a kidney, a bit hard to see, probably why noone has bid on it.

AUTO – Autographed

March 26, 2008

AUTO or Autographed is used by eBay sellers to describe an item which has been autographed. It is worth noting that there have been cases of items being tagged with AUTO which do not have an original autograph, if you’re buying ensure you have a certificate of authenticity.

Firefox Companion for eBay

March 25, 2008

Version 1.5 of the Firefox Companion for eBay has been released today. Firefox is a browser which many argue is better than Internet Explorer, I’d recommend it- especially for serious eBayers. The latest version of this addon speeds up buying, selling and giving feedback. It also includes a verification tool which ensures that sites you visit are indeed created by eBay and PayPal (there have been a lot of spoof websites set up to trick people).


  • View my eBay quickly
  • Monitor auctions you’re bidding on
  • Recieve activity alerts

eBay forces PayPal

March 25, 2008

eBay has announced it will require sellers to offer PayPal to buyers. This is the latest in a series of moves from the auction giant to lock users into its own payment gateway. Last year Google Checkout was banned, this move may be a futher signal that Google is catching up with PayPal.

GC – Good Condition

March 24, 2008

GC or Good Condition is an abbreviation used by sellers on eBay to describe an item that is in a good condition i.e. not in a perfect condition.

FS – Factory Sealed

March 22, 2008

FS or Factory Sealed is used by eBay sellers to describe an item that has been unopened and is still in its original packaging i.e. wrapped in shrink wrap.

eBay Art Scam

March 20, 2008

Buyers on eBay have been scammed out of over £2.5m by sellers selling counterfeit prints of artwork from famous artists including Chagall, Dali, Miro and Picasso. The seven scammers were arrested today in America, I assume they’ll be forced to re-pay buyers.

FE – First Edition

March 20, 2008

FE or First Edition is an abbreviation used by eBay sellers when selling books on eBay to describe that a book is a First Edition.

eBay Security Issues

March 19, 2008

Worrying news was announced by Sophos today, it seems that hackers have found a way of exploiting a vulnerability in eBay’s auction pages, injecting malicious Shockwave code which redirects users to a website in Russia. eBay needs to close this flaw quickly otherwise its reputation, and our sales, could be damaged irreparably.

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