April 29, 2008

Bad quality photos on your listings can seriously lower the amount of money you will recieve. Make sure you take your photo(s) using a decent digital camera (not one with a film), in good light and from as many angles as possible to ensure sellers will be confident enough to spend more on your listing.

MIJ – Made in Japan

April 27, 2008

MIJ or Made in Japan is an abbreviation used by eBayers to inform buyers that an item was made in Japan.

IBC – Inside Back Cover

April 26, 2008

IBC or Inside Back Cover is an abbreviation used by sellers on eBay to describe the other side of the back cover in a book. For example the description may state there is an autograph on the IBC.

Red Sox Shirt Fetches $175k

April 25, 2008

A dirty Red Sox shirt sold today on eBay sold today for $175,100. The baseball shirt was found under the Yankee Stadium. It was later discovered that the jersey was left by a construction worker trying to curse the Yankees in their new stadium. The money will be donated to the Jimmy Fund, a cancer charity and the winner “2004carman” will also receive two tickets to game and a new clean shirt!

ITF – Impossible To Find

April 24, 2008

ITF or Impossible To Find is an abbreviation used by eBayers to describe items that will be hard to find anywhere else. These are typically limited edition collectors items such as books and stamps.

eBay Today

April 23, 2008

eBay has been in the news quite a bit today. First it sued classified advertisement website Craigslist for diluting the value of its shares and then the Australian Reserve Bank stated it may consider action against eBay if its decision to force buyers to use PayPal for payment breaks competition laws.

It’s quite amusing that eBay has sued Craigslist (which it holds just under a 25% stake) considering that eBay attempted to release a clone version under the eBay umbrella and Craigslist took no action against eBay… the auction giant has been getting in the press for all the wrong reasons- will someone seize the opportunity and release a decent rival to eBay?

Ticket Tout Legislation

April 22, 2008

The government has ruled out new laws against ticket touts. This legislation would have caused quite a mix up in the eBay business model- which must get a lot of revenue from people selling tickets. I think something should be done about ticket reselling. There are many sellers on eBay who buy tickets on release day in order to capitalise on the huge demand and charge an inflated price. This means that a lot of true fans cannot afford to go.

Sellers to boycott eBay on 1st March

April 21, 2008

Finally sellers on eBay have agreed to stage a protest boycotting eBay for one day on May Day. I will be joining in. The recent changes made since John Donahoe’s appointment (hidden fee changes and removing negative/neutral buyer feedback) are turning sellers away from eBay. Why try to fix what isn’t broken?

eBay Profits

April 19, 2008

eBay anounced profits for the first quarter of $460m (up 22%) with revenues of $2.19bn, CEO John Donahoe told investors “We are encouraged by what we are seeing”- really?! For the first time 50% of the companies revenue came from outside the US, this will hopefully mean a focus on international websites. I’d like to see used as a European marketplace rather than just a portal to individual European eBay sites.

GSP – Gold Sterling Plate

April 18, 2008

GSP or Gold Sterling Plate is eBay eBay lingo for a Gold Sterling Plate.

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