Millionaire sells life on eBay

August 7, 2008

David Piper shot to fame when he advertised for a Lady of the Manor in the International Herald Tribune. Now David is joining the latest trend and has put his life for sale on eBay.

The 58 year-old twice-divorced father of four has put all of his assets for sale on eBay. The auction includes David’s title (Lord of the Manor of Warleigh), two Bentleys, one hotel, one cafe and a contemprorary art collection consisting of 140 items.

The auction is said to be worth around £6m, however last night it was only just over £120,000. David says he wanted to move from his house in Plymouth to move closer to London where his children are living. David has also been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and is receiving treatment at the University College Hospital in London.

The millionaire also owes just over £2.3m in loans which he took out to renovate the two hotels he operates. The auction ends on Monday and if an acceptable amount isn’t reached then David has said he will sell his assets through more conventional mediums.

As an added bonus David has also agreed to introduce the winner to some of the 2,000 women who applied to be his Lady of the Manor.

Man sells mohawk for charity

August 7, 2008

An eBay seller is raising money for charity by shaving his well cared-for Mohawk and selling it on eBay. The seller claims the Mohawk has travelled to a variety of famous places and has mixed with many stars. The Mohawk has been to the X-Games and MTV Music Awards.

His friend K@T explains that the money raised will go to a charity called Locks of Love, which is a non-profit organisation that provides wigs to children suffering from long-term hair loss medical conditions such as alopecia which has no known cure. Locks of Love aim to increase confidence in children suffering from these conditions.