Apple IIc computer sold on eBay

August 8, 2008

A vintage Apple IIc has sold for $2,553 (approx £1,232), the 20 year-old computer was unused, unopened and still in its original packaging. The buyer Dan Budiac used to have an Apple IIc and was delighted to be reunited with the machine. The unboxing was documented on Flickr and Budiac’s album had more than 2.5 million views. Many collectors were appalled at Budiac’s decision to open the pristine machine, however he said he had bought it to play Oregon Trial, a game he remembers from his childhood.

The Apple IIc was released by Apple in 1984 and included a 1.023-MHz processor, 128KB of RAM and a 9” monochrome monitor.

Collecting pieces of computer history is becoming more and more popular on eBay, although many of us will not have an unopened machine lying around at home it may be worth digging around your garage/attic and seeing if there is any computing memorabilia, you never know it may be worth something to someone.