Sex sells

September 30, 2008

One of the biggest sellers on eBay is sex related products, ranging from Viagra or herbal alternatives, KY jelly with free toys to bondage tape.

Here’s a full list of sex related products:

Newcastle fan sells season ticket on eBay

September 29, 2008

Yesterday a disgruntled Newcastle fan sold his beloved season ticket on eBay. The sellers description read.

To anyone who wants to buy I have put no reserve on this as its almost piratically worthless, the man behind the scenes at Newcastle has thrown the whole club into disarray and I refuse to ever return to the ground until Kevin Keegan does.

Please feel free to bid and I will even throw in free postage or if you live locally you can collect.

The actual ticket went for a complete bargain of £37 and was bought by a local man who is over the moon to have bought a £500 ticket for the cheap cost but he has said if King Kev arrives back at the stadium the man can buy his ticket back.

Knives on eBay

September 28, 2008

Around the back end of August eBay released statements that they would put extra terms and conditions for anyone buying knives which are sold on eBay. The rule will be from the 1st of September any buyers will need to definitely have a credit card hence proving there age and making them over 18 when buying the deadly weapons.

With all the knife crime around its about time eBay did something like this but as usual it is having some repercussions on other sectors in eBay. I sold an item last week and it was nothing to do with knives and the buyer contacted me saying that they had to agree with the knife policy to by football top. How strange, eBay said they are looking into it and hope to fix everything soon.

Make cash with eBay

September 27, 2008

One of the best tips to make cash with eBay is simply to be patient and trawl the site for the cheapest or best offer out there.

I was trawling eBay last night looking for a Sky plus box as I have ordered one from Sky this weekend and it will leave me with one plus box and one standard box.

Ive found that it look far and wide there are some real and genuin bargains that can be snapped up.

The sky remote costs £10 in shops like comet and I managed to buy one for £2 and now I’m bidding on a new box which ends in 5 minutes and its up to £15 and I have paid £60 for the one from sky.

It does really show if you can bothered to have a bit of patience and time when shopping on eBay it will pay off. To be honest I searched for only around an hour to find the stuff I was looking for so, get shopping people and join the fun.

eBay spain news

September 26, 2008

eBay Spain is announcing that they will now up the position of Spanish sellers items in search results. The downloaded and translation reads:

Dear Member:
We have changed the way we are presenting items in search results, giving greater weight to the location of the article. The first results should now be items located in Spain from sellers with satisfactory DSR scores.
Best wishes,
The eBay Spain team

Over the past 48 hours lots of different countries including the Candian team have edited and signed the same agreement. I can only guess that eBay Canada have also included the location of items as an extra bit of info for search sorting.

eBays links

September 25, 2008

There is lots of talk about links in and out off eBay in the UK and us and everybody expects the site to be secure when trading. Buyers know they shouldn’t be sent to a salesman website to buy product direct and especially if its eBay doing it.

There is a brand new seller account on Jack Sheng sellers who incedentally has two accounts that are about to meet the 1 million feedback mark actually link to his ow websites.

Well why should you go straight to his sites? links eforcity, everydaysource and accstation?

Any buyers or sellers who are going to look directly at his 1 million feedback will get pushed into his sites off the link. The sellers eBay ID’s are eforcity, everydaysource & accstation. The thing is I’m guessing that good old jack isn’t worrying about more sales from eBay with no fees to pay.A simple way to make cash with eBay.

I’m guessing that eBay will cotton on to this soon and get them selves up to scratch and sort this out.

Jack Sheng

eBay cleaning services

September 25, 2008

You may be well aware that you cannot only buy on eBay products but also services. One of the best bargains or cheap services you can get in London and the thing you should search for is Carpet cleaners London.

eBay provides many different type of services and you really have to search far and wide to get a bargain but I have found if you use the search tools to narrow it down to local areas i.e London, Cheshire, etc you will receive better results and better offers.

One of the best bargains the company I work for has found was under carpet cleaning services but initially they were bidding on national contract cleaning services and the cost escalated beyond there current contract, when they narrowed down the areas they got less competition and cheaper costs.

The other sort of things and services you can buy on eBay are things like window cleaning, web design and there normally quite good and tell you the radius in which they will travel to do the service for you.

So if your looking for a cheap service and want to have some fun bidding on it try eBay and let me know what results you get as it could be the future.

ebay Paypal accounts

September 24, 2008

If you have been buying a lot recently on eBay check your pay-pal account as it has been playing some strange games.

In some cases you can buy n item through pay-pal ad then 10 minutes later the cost will be reversed and returned to your account, then sometimes as if by magic the pay-pal makes the payment for a second time so e careful not to try and pay it again. Other times it just doesn’t pay it at all.

If your having this problem speak to eBay customer support and they should be able to help.

There is a topic on the power-seller board which is discussing this and no one has found the answer, the best advice i can give you is if you use eBay a lot and make lots of purchase make sure you have not made multiple payments or no at all. keep one eye on your account.

eBay discounts

September 23, 2008

When eBay actually announced seller discounts the main thing you needed was to “initially be set at a ‘good service’ minimum DSR score of 4.6“. You will definitely find that DSRs have dramatically improved plus the average eBay person who sells now will qualify for a eBay discount as long as the comply to all other criteria.

The delivery cost for DSR has been the worst thing on eBay to get right – previously the eBay average was hovering around 4.5 and below, and now it has just now jumped up to 4.6. This can be explained that sellers across eBay have been lowering there cost on postage to make things fairer and they have realized that its easy to sell will lower postage making other sellers raise there game to compete.

This in turn it great news for eBay buyers – and they are considering sellers higher. The twelve month average of eBay in the UK for DSR & P&P sits at 4.58 but amazingly the 30 day stint is 4.60.

The only problem if people like myself are noticing this then will eBay and will they move the goal posts to make discounts harder to get?

eBAy famous Toast

September 22, 2008

On Friday afternoon there were quite a few silly articles and items posted around the world on eBay and inevitably, the actual shape or image of the United States vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is appearing on a strange looking piece of toast, on eBay.

The similarity is sceptical but pretty good. The crazy Bids were last at $12,100.00, when i last looked they had more than a full day to bid. There is another crazy but entrepreneurial mad toast seller has managed to put Obama and McCain have a fight and on the other side of another toasty shape of Mrs Palin. Strangely in comparison to the other piece after toast its not been bid on yet.

Reuters have released reports that anything to do with Palin and all types of merchandise is all over eBay, with sellers coming up with all sorts of ideas from Palin Barbie dolls and crazily action figures, to ugly Palin supposedly sexy thongs. The amount of Sarah Palin products for sale on eBay completely outnumber her democratic opponent Joe Biden with stats saying over 6-1. But obviously Barack Obama is the man with the biggest eBay listings with over 4000 selling items, compared to John McCain’s 1500.

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