Recipes for sale

November 30, 2008

One thing I’m tempted to sell on eBay are recipes as my girlfriends cooking is so good dam good.

I don’t know whether to sell them individually or make her put together a recipe book and let the whole book be auctioned off as she always collates all the ingredients together and make a list of what she use and the amounts so if we really enjoy it and we always do she can easily make it.

The question is how much do I sell over 100 individual recipes that are not freely around to make they are all made up and no one as far as I can find makes anything identical and this makes the food so special and nice.

The great thing about a lot of the recipes is they contain alcohol and there is never enough to over power but just enough to make you want more.

I cant wait for tea!!!

Im a celebrity on eBay

November 29, 2008

so I doing my nightly trawl on eBay and as you know I always look for things that are constantly in the news to see if I can grab a bargain or make a profit.

With the new series of ‘Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ now in full swing, which I am always a big fan of I thought I would be able to find loads of goodies on eBay for my also addicted friends but alas, there were only 11 items to be had! – interactive games, DVDs & board games, maybe with all the controversy on this series already there will be a lot more to be had in the run up to Xmas, hopefully in time to get my pressies. I am hoping there will bring out a dartboard with David Van Day as the target along with his scary laughing sidekick Timmy the Mad Mallet Man!!!!

Electricity smart monitor

November 28, 2008

If you are struggling to maintain payments for gas and electricity you can buy a monitor so you can work out what is costing you the most. Its simple you plug it in and it monitors how much each appliance is using its like when you drive a drive car and it tells you how many miles per gallon you are using.

The main features of an Owl monitor are:

  • Easy to install and programme
  • No need to change your existing meter- sensors clip directly onto your existing electricity meter’s cabling
  • Portable, easily moved from room to room
  • Easy to read- large LCD display
  • Programmable to current and/or individual electricity tariffs
  • You know in an instant how much electricity you are using, how much it is costing you and how much you are potentially wasting
  • The monitor shows just how many greenhouse gases are being generated by your current electricity usage
  • 12 months warranty is included (excludes batteries)
  • The monitor displays temperature and humidity levels to show the comfort level inside your home or office
  • An audible alarm can be set to notify of excessive electricity usage
  • The monitor can display £, $ and Euro
  • Additional sensors are available for 2 and 3 phase supply
  • A very important feature is that the monitor can be used as a safety check to see if any electrical appliance has been unnecessarily left on before leaving your home or workplace
  • The Owl can be taken with you when you move house or sold as an additional feature of your existing home.”
  • Now you can get lots of different types of the monitors on eBay and its apparently a really good buy as if you are stringent you can sort out how much you are using and spend less.
  • eBay charity

    November 27, 2008

    I have been thinking and wishing that one day some of the millions of pounds that are spent selling and buying products on eBay could be donated to charity.

    All I see on the TV at the minute is Recession, war, and poverty and its all around the world, now my thinking behind this is we get charged all the time for all sorts of things like VAT or tax on everything and even when you buy a simple thing online.

    We should make an annual tax as the Internet has millions of business and I’m guessing 6 million are UK based so if they had a simple £1 tax year that could save so many lives or do so much to help causes around the world.

    If this was put world wide we could cure Cancer or get rid of poverty so why not start this off on eBay and lead the way?

    What do people think?

    eBay man Jailed.

    November 26, 2008

    The BBC has reported that a man who continually sold pirated books and ebooks throughout the of eBay is now sitting behind bars after being sentenced for 21 months.

    The Derbyshire bloke cashed in on £85,000 selling illegal copies of audiobooks and he used over 35 different eBay IDs for around 5 years. The ebooks names included the classic Lemony Snicket series, the epic and curriculum run Lord Of The Rings plus the Narnia Chronicles, when the judge made his sentencing he said the sales had caused over a million pounds worth of damages to the legal companies who sell this and copyright owners.

    The prosecution announced in the trial that the 1st six harry potter books could have been bought from this eBay pirate for around £6.50 but if you were to buy these at a normal retail cost it would have been over £300.

    O well here’s to a cleaner eBay.

    Oil of Olay on eBay

    November 25, 2008

    Every year I ask my family what they want for Christmas to give me ideas and buy them few different things, one thing I can always rely on is my mum saying she wants anything to do with oil of olay, I normally nip to Boots or my local superstore and buy her what ever they have, now as she has asked for the same thing this year I thought I would make it more interesting and have a few bids on trying to bag a bargain with any oil of olay products on eBay.

    I didn’t expect there would be so much choice and I’m confused in to what is the best price for each individual product but it will in the end save me on a extra cost as my parents live away and the item can be posted to them directly.

    Lets hope she likes it.

    Mackem mover

    November 24, 2008

    I always try and predict future sales on eBay and last time I watched soccer am Ralph little did something hilarious with a hula hoop and before that a soccerette stood up and flashed the whole world as she was wearing no knickers. These events caused sales of hula hoops and soccerette t-shirts to go up on eBay.

    Yesterday on the soccer am show the had a fella called the Mackem mover who can dance with the best of them.

    So my next prediction will be something to do with the Sunderland dancer or products related to him as it seems that the show are going to make him have a dance off with the Geordie dancer, and when people get a little bit of fame everyone cashes in on it.

    Scams on eBay

    November 23, 2008

    There are plenty of scams on eBay and its difficult to say what they all are and most of the time if you think someone is selling a dream rather than a product it is quite easy to tell, but how do you ever really know?

    One thing you can normally rely on is a persons reputation and how many good reputation referrals they have for instance if you search for something like


    You will find a few sellers claiming they can show you how to do this for £4.75 now I’m very wary of this and think if there are properties out there worth over 6 billion as it claims in the description why isn’t the seller just claiming them all.

    But then you check out the reputation of this seller and they have over 3000 good references so is it really true, I am still not convinced and I’m not willing to waste even though its only £4.75 on a possible scam.

    In conclusion there is no real way of being positive of who is scamming you but use your gut feeling that normally works.

    Assisted conception

    November 22, 2008

    I always play a little simple game with a friend on eBay and it is very simple, you have to find an item for sale that only has one listing.

    You cant put it up for sale yourself and it must have a value of over £10.

    The prize is as long as its under £50, the other better has to buy it for you.

    I recently thought of a key phrase “assisted conception” and luckily it turned up with one result, even better the idea behind it was my friend would have had to buy me something like a big turkey baster that had been used before, unfortunately it was just a book advising on the best techniques but it was still worth it.

    If you find anything that has only one listing let me know….

    The eBay logo

    November 21, 2008

    One of the main elements when I came to choosing the design for my own site was the theme which incorporated the logo.

    The thinking behind this is when you use a site it is always best to have consistency through the whole site, for instance if you are buying a holiday from a well known website and you go through the whole process of choosing the best hotel and swimming pool, making sure it has all the facilities and beaches close by, and then when you come to click on buy the site then jumps of to a different web address which has a completely different layout and look the end user tends to think there are being swindled or ripped off.

    One of the main things that can change this is the Logo Design, look at this site for instance it has a very similar logo to the actual eBay site and because if offer tips and hints and up to date news about eBay its always best to make the end user feel that they are receiving good, reliable information which will either benefit them or keep them interested.

    I have found that people trust this site and the knowledge and news I share and I think the theme or Logo has a lot to do with it.

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