X Factor Seat next on eBay

November 6, 2008

My next guess for something to appear is Dannii Minogue’s seat as she not coping with Rachel Hyltons attitude and apparently because of the song choices Dannii keeps making, Rachel has decided to go it alone and choose her own song and mentor herself.

This ask the question, surely her other contestant Daniel is the front runner to go this week, that would leave Dannii with no one to mentor and as Simon is very much favouring Cheryl every time she opens her mouth will surely get rid of Dannii and put her seat up for grabs on eBay.

Its pretty far fetched but I think anything is possible when it coems to Simon Cowell and the X-Factor, the funny bit would seeing which ex-celebs would bid for the seat and try and claw back there career, Russell or Ross?

Audi tt on eBay

November 6, 2008

So recently I upgraded my car from a old P reg Golf GTI to a beautiful silver Audi TT, I shopped around for months until I found the one I wanted and found a decent enough salesman who I trust to sell me my dream car, the funny thing is the car I traded in is going to end up on eBay and I never thought of selling it myself on eBay as I just didn’t think of it.

I have now started to look into and it seems the lesser cars are napped up for a real bargain or enthusiasts will spend a pretty penny on exactly what they want.

Now when it comes to cars like Audi TT’s you need to spend at least £7k to get a good one and most of them seem to start at about £5k but will sell for over £10k when the auction finally closes.

So my tip would be buy a old car on eBay to get a bargain.