Jura Coffee Machine

November 8, 2008

A good investment you can buy in to on eBay is a good coffee machine, now I have to ask my family for the best types of machine as I’m not a massive coffee drinker but my partner loves a good cuppa.

The one make of machine that keeps appearing is the Jura coffee machine and it apparently has amazing write ups from everyone in the industry.

The machine itself can be bought from anywhere around £500 to £10000. Ten thousand pounds for a coffee machine, I was truly shocked but it was a commercial one and I bet it makes a fantastic cuppa.

I couldn’t believe the amount of information that there is to read about the Jura coffee machines and its amazing to watch the machine at work grinding down the beans and making a perfect cuppa.

The other interesting note you can read about is coffee is not made from beans well not to begin with anyway its actually the seeds of a cherry like fruit, called coffee cherries. The seeds have to be picked when ripe then immediately roasted.

Anyway back to the Jura coffee machine, it has loads of extras ad sometimes comes with an attachable fridge, cup holders and can easily plumbed into the mains.

I have asked around about the other machines in the market and every-time everything always comes back to Jura.

So unless my partner reads this she will be getting a new surprise for Christmas and something that she does not normally expect.

Make cash with ebay tips

November 8, 2008

1, Think about what time of day you set you auction live as if you set your auction start time without thinking about it maybe at some random hour of the morning just to get things going its likely that the auction will end at the same hour when realistically you could do with making it end about 8 or 9pm when people are settling down and making there final bids or if younger people will not be in bed.

2, Describe you item in full details, make sure you don’t get hassled with questions about specifications or people asking for photos, which can get very annoying.

3, Special offers, try and make you item different to everyone else as its hard when your selling a generic item like a phone as they are all the same, so throw in it some hits the reserve free postage or a hands free kit etc.

4, Be attentive as if people do ask questions they expect responses as its proven if the seller does not respond in 24 hours the buyer will go else where.

5, Don’t be to greedy as items just wot sell.

6, Sell safely as try and sell to your own country and always use a safe form of transferring money i.e. pay-pal.