soccerette on soccer am flashing video sold on eBay

November 9, 2008

There have been many a video on soccer AM which has made people either cringe or stand back in amazement but when of the best videos was of a girl who sat with the fans who had a short skirt on and when she got up to clap with the fans the skirt rose up revealing that she had no knickers on.

Now reports have revealed that the video was stolen or taken, not sure which really, but it was from the soccer AM studios and it has now been sold on eBay.

Now if you have not seen it before you can view it here but be warned I would class it as 18+. CLICK THIS

Its amazing what people will buy on eBay.

Mariah Carey on eBay

November 9, 2008

Well with Mariah Carey appearing on X factor one thing we will see over the next week is sales of Mariah Carey related stuff go up on eBay.

Every time someone appears or has anything to do with the X factor there stuff and products appear on eBay and everyone cashes in.

I am learning this and I’m going to sell anything I can find to do with the diva as I’m sure it jogs everyone’s memory into why they liked the biggest selling female artist of all time.

Last week in the news was Dannii Minogue and apparently she was having tantrum over one of her 3 artists Rachel Hylton not wanting to sing her songs but because of the news people started to buy her old records on eBay, I didn’t know Dannii had that much of a career and how much crap was out there when I saw it all on eBay I laughed as there were more items than the over publicised American election.

The only really bad thing I saw on eBay related to X factor was one individual was selling the charity X factor single, hero, for gods sake if you bought it keep it, as it was for charity, don’t try and cash in on other peoples misfortune. I know eBay is there for a purpose but let people buy the one tht is going to support the charity not your version.

Well anyway here is something for all you Mariah fans……………….