Scams on eBay

November 23, 2008

There are plenty of scams on eBay and its difficult to say what they all are and most of the time if you think someone is selling a dream rather than a product it is quite easy to tell, but how do you ever really know?

One thing you can normally rely on is a persons reputation and how many good reputation referrals they have for instance if you search for something like


You will find a few sellers claiming they can show you how to do this for £4.75 now I’m very wary of this and think if there are properties out there worth over 6 billion as it claims in the description why isn’t the seller just claiming them all.

But then you check out the reputation of this seller and they have over 3000 good references so is it really true, I am still not convinced and I’m not willing to waste even though its only £4.75 on a possible scam.

In conclusion there is no real way of being positive of who is scamming you but use your gut feeling that normally works.