new years resolution

December 31, 2008

With new years eve being today there will be lots of the usual new years resolutions like, get fit, stop biting nails, stop drinking, and the ever present stop smoking.

Last year I found a good way to make cash with eBay, by cashing in on peoples new years resolutions as they always want to do them on the cheap and look for help on eBay.

For instance I sold around 30 books that were to do with slimming last year that I bought at a closing down sale making a tidy profit of £130.

What will your resolution be and I might sell you something to help.

My advice would be if you want to try and sell to the new years resolutions try an easy target like smokers as they always try and give up tomorrow.

Rear projection TV

December 30, 2008

I have been looking at my Bedroom TV most of the day thinking I love the fact that it is 42 inch screen that makes me feel like I’m at the cinema when I’m in bed but I’m thinking it might be time to up grade to a LCD flat screen and bang it on the wall as the current TV is a rear projection and takes up a lot of space.

The dilemma I have is, do I sell the rear projection TV and stand on eBay which will cost me a fortune in deliveries or do I sell it hoping someone might come and pick it up? The other option is I could pester people at work who would love a giant TV for there lounge or bedroom? What to do?

Should I keep the TV as I don’t know what I would put in its position if I mounted the new TV on the wall?

Better ask the misses as she is full of ideas.

Golf Clubs

December 29, 2008

I have decided that I don’t need two sets of golf clubs so I did an over night auction on the crappy set that I bought about 5 years ago for £50.

It turns out that as I didn’t put a reserve on it by accident and it worked really well I had hundreds of bids and they sold for well over £100 I’m thinking the old golf club market is a bit of a untapped resource. There seems to be lots of people with a bit of Christmas money left over looking for the one present they didn’t get and lots of people who want to buy a set of cheap golf clubs to start the new year out. I tempted to get my other set back off a mate and sell them also and go and buy a better set for the new year. But can I really be bothered? No. Or should I give up golf and make a bit of cash? No.

Why would I ever give this up?

Call Of duty world at war xbox

December 28, 2008

So I am now online again with a new xbox 360 and I am trying to get hold of a copy of Call of Duty: World at war, nd trying to fight my Way round town with all the bargain hunters is a nightmare. They have actually got a sign on the shop door at game stating that due to the massive demand of shoppers for the shop that will only allow so many people into the shop at one time and there was a queue as long as the street. So stuff that if they think I’m queueing to get a simple game for an hour or so.

The problem I’m having is I keep bidding on eBay for the game but as I don’t want to pay over the odds and other people obviously want the game more than I do.

So do I stray across to amazon or do I persaveer and try and get someones unwanted Christmas present?

5p listing ebay weekend

December 27, 2008

The will be a 5p listing option for all seller on eBay UK. This will happen on Saturday 27Th & Sunday 28Th of the Christmas month of December, when auctions/insertion fees are now reduced to 5p. The usual charges still apply as normal. Buy It Now sales will not be involved but sellers will be able to add a buy it now cost to their auctions when upgrade fees apply. Some sections wont be involved so read the T’s and C’s.

Power-Sellers plus Business Sellers will not have the same option as they will not be involved with the 5p listing. So get selling all those unwanted gifts, you have until midnight on Sunday? ;-)

Boxing day eBay

December 26, 2008

With Christmas now over and boxing day starting lots of people are waking up to lots of lovely presents and lots of presents that I know we will be seeing a large influx appearing on eBay.

I have now personally got three leather wash bags from my girlfriends parents one every Christmas for the past 3 years and to be honest you can have so many wash bags before it gets silly, so here comes eBay for the wash bags.

My girlfriend got 2 pairs of ugg boots but we would be better off taking one back to the shop but she is going to keep both as they are both different colours.

What will you be putting on eBay this boxing day?

Christmas day on eBay

December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas everybody and how many of you today are still going to be dedicated or Internet geeky enough to shop on eBay today? Obviously I’m not and this post was written a few days ago and scheduled to go live today!!

If you do manage to get on eBay and bid I’m guessing that you wont have much competition and the odds of you getting the product you want from a short day long auction is very high.

Let me know if you grab any bargains and I will post them in the new year and let you have you 10 minutes of fame.

Also what did you do on Christmas day instead of trawling the Internet for hours and trying to make cash with eBay.

Oak furniture

December 24, 2008

I’m in the process of deciding whether to buy a new house or upgrade my car only 2 months after I bought a new one. The problem I have is I love the car I have bought but I test drove a Porsche 911 this weekend and fell in love.

The issue is my misses wants a new house and she wants to fill it with classic oak furniture and if you look in the everyday shop it is going to cost me a fortune. This is why I’m turning to eBay for help, you can if you take your time bag yourself a real bargain but it is risky because without physically seeing the item you are buying how do you know that what turns up will not be a centimeter thick.

I think the only way to do it is to look for the product you want on the net first then try and match it on eBay but then again I might be able to get a bargain in the new year when the January sales or recession sales kick in.

So what would you do, buy a new house and fill it with nice things or go and treat yourself selfishly and buy the car you have always wanted?

liquorice allsorts

December 23, 2008

liquorice allsorts are a favorite of my whole family and I always buy some as a stocking filler, so this year I thought I would see what options I have on eBay, I did this a few weeks ago and I found over 200 different options I initially bought the usual suspects of lots of bags of the world famous sweets but then I started to find bracelets and necklaces made from the magical liquorice allsorts. I bidded on a few and they arrived today the funniest thing I found was a Bertie bassett CD holder. A CD holder check out the picture who ever thought of making this?

What, why and OMG, I almost bid on it to see if there was something special about it but changed my mind when I thought it must be a waste of money.

Memory foam gets everywhere

December 22, 2008

So I was looking for a new mattress recently and the one that always springs to mind is Memory foam as I have tried and tested many over the years and its the future.

When I searched for this on eBay it comes up with so many different options, sizes, styles colours and depth but it has inspired me to buy a Christmas present for my father as one of the results that came up was memory foam slippers.

My dad has to go in to hospital soon and the slippers are slip resistant and hospital floors are traditionally slippy, even better they are amazingly comfy as they mold to your feet and make you feel like your feet are wrapped in cotton wool.

Have a look for yourself you might fancy a pair.

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