Car Batteries

December 16, 2008

I always think of car batteries as something that you only look up when yours runs out or if you stupidly leave your lights on and it goes flat forever, but as it turns out it is quite a big business with people offering services to come out and replace the battery and fit a new one what ever the weather which I think gives the boring battery an extra incentive to use that company in question to come out and replace it.

I recently had to buy a new battery for my Fiancee as she left her lights on being the blond she is, so I thought I would try and get a bargain on eBay but the results for “car battery” came up with over 1500 permutations leaving me in a bit of a pickle and bad trust point of view as I didn’t know which batteries have been used.

In the end IÂ got one from the company that come out and see you but it was still through eBay on a buy it now deal so it still worked out quite cheap. Check out this video as it was a suggestion to recharge the battery to get it to the garage I’m not sure that it would work??????????