Iraq most wanted playing cards

January 31, 2009

I play a lot of poker and the cards we regularly use get worn at least once every two weeks so I normally nip down to the pound shop or bid on a bumper pack on eBay.

Recently I have noticed a massive influx of funny playing cards, including the usual suspects of naked ladies, fast cars and beer cards. The funniest I found is a set of Iraq’s most wanted which I think needs updating as the ace of spades is Saddam himself and I’m sure the Americans caught him.

What would you like to see on a set of cards and do you think it would hinder your game?


January 30, 2009

My passion for food is known by all my friends and colleagues but I have had a craving for Toblerone recently and you can get quite a good deal if you buy a few from your local supermarket. I thought that no one would want to sell bars of the stuff on eBay but to my surprise there were over 40 people offer the delicious chocolate.

The best offer I found and won was a full box of the largest bars for £10 and £5 postage and packaging. The normal retail price would have been just over £100. The 36 bars arrived today and I have hid them from my girlfriend as she would gradually eat them so if I surprise her every-time she needs a chocolate fix it will go down well.

eBay find of the year

January 29, 2009

My sister has been massive fan of eBay since day one and she has made more money than anyone I personally know who sells on eBay.

She actually bought her wedding dress for £100 from eBay and sold afterwards for £500 and I was shocked when she had bought her actual wedding dress from eBay but it was beautiful.

Her latest find on eBay is a brand new mini which she also has a passion for, but the bid she made of £4000 was accepted by the individual as the minimum that they wanted was £3999 and no one else bidded she was amazed and she got it yesterday claiming her bargain on eBay of the year. The guy who sold it wanted some quick cash to emigrate so good luck to him.

Vitamin tablets

January 28, 2009

Would you or wouldn’t you? Buy Tablets from eBay, I suppose if they are sealed and boxed then you might consider it but then again if someone has the experience they could seal a box or tube themselves and you could be ingesting something untoward which is always the worry, I would compare it to sharing a straw or licking something that someone else has touched so the big question is should I buy vitamins on eBay or not?

My girlfriends favorite tablets are the good old fashioned vitamin C as she believes that they can cure anything from the common cold right up to rabies. I’m not so sure myself and I have always believed that beer can cure most things or at least hide the symptoms.

Waxing at home

January 27, 2009

I never knew how expensive it is to be a girl, £35 for moisturizer £35 pounds I know I was astounded too. My partner was skint the other month as she had to take time off work so I thought being the caring partner I would treat her to a salon day and get all her usual waxings etc done and paid for. I went into the salon unaware that I would have to sell my car to pay for it all, so I am now on a mission to try and cut down the cost of being female for her as I’m sure eBay will have some answers and the first thing I have bought for her is her own waxing kit as this seems to cost her £100 a month minimum or £1200 a year.

Soccer am hatrick ball

January 26, 2009

One thing I have always wanted and kept an eye out for from soccer am is the hattrick ball they give to guests who appear on the show at least 3 times or more. They are like gold dust and they normally come in a see though plastic casing like one of the heads from the TV series futurama.

So I found one the other day signed by Alan Shearer the England legend and even though he has never played for my team, Everton I still bidded on the ball and for hours and days no one found it then somebody attached a link to it and the bidding began, I was gutted as it finally went for over £500 which was to rich for me.

Chinese Furniture

January 25, 2009

Since my last post about oak furniture and other forms of furniture which my girlfriend is shopping for I must tell you about her latest find which is Chinese furniture. Now this sounds a bit of a strange and don’t get me wrong I’m not going to turn my whole house into a chippy or floating junk, but you can if you persevere get some really modern and distinctive style furniture that not many people have in the homes which can make or break a home.

I have found some amazing Chinese style chest of draws that look like a sky scrapper as they are that tall and contain so many draws also at the other end of the scale you can low standing chest of draws that look like the traditional Chinese tables that you would see in the karate kid film.

I have really found an untapped source as they seem to be reasonably cost and my misses loves them so lets get bidding.

The one thing I have already bought for my sister is a TV cabinet as she has a really traditional house and she hates having the TV on show nd the TV cabinets that you get in the Chinese furniture range simply blend into the background nd look like they were built in or are just housing cutlery or drinks. It will fit in perfectly.

David Charles Psychic

January 24, 2009

One strange thing I have found on eBay is psychics readings and tarot readings, it turns out you can get amazing deals on psychic readings.

My girlfriend loves all things weird and wonderful so I shopped around and one of the best psychics I found was a gentleman and website called he offered no guarantees and a honest reading which sceptical me listened into whilst my girlfriend was having it and I was truly shocked into how much he knew about us and what the future could possibly hold, so many of the obscure things have happened and if your ever going to try this I would definitely use him.

I not trying to say he was god like but it was uncanny the amount of truly obscure things that have happened which he for-sore. Scary but true.

Robinho on ebay

January 23, 2009

Lots of people are predicting the future and selling there Robinho shirts and man city memorabilia which is related to Robinho on eBay, the last few days has seen the sales of city shirts go from 10 a week to 100 with Robinho written on the back, is it me or are they buying them because they cant afford the real thing, or are they predicting that he will leave or is it the red side of Manchester who are buying them predicting that he will leave and they Will be able to rub them in the blue side of Manchester’s face. Your guess is as good as mine.

wind dancers

January 22, 2009

Has anybody heard of a wind dancer, No? Well your about to. I had a phone call today from a gentleman selling them and I didn’t have a clue until I googled it and found them on eBay and it turns out that I have seen them for years all over the country dancing away in spiral blown tall long plastic shape normally advertising businesses that are hidden away.

There are lots of people who have businesses that are hidden behind bridges or other buildings and what a great way and a nice bit of fun advertising to show people that your are there.

What do you think?

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