Office Furniture

February 28, 2009

Office furniture, not the most interesting subject and come to think of it I have never been so bored looking for something along the sames lines, but its necessary as I have a friend who, is setting up a new business and he needs a lot of new office furniture to complement the nice office he is renting. He knows that I’m a crawler on the net and if he gets me to look up and find a nice set of matching office furniture I will get it at a bargain.

The question I have to ask is setting up a business in the full onset of recession good idea, or is he just throwing money down the drain, either he is dead set on it and if I can help him he will through a few beers my way when its up and running.

I have got most of my ideas so far from popular websites on page 1 of google, and then I’m now scraping eBay to see if I can get some of the same brand names for a bargain, its going well at the minute but one buyer is doing the same and keeps outbidding me, at the last minute, so I might let him buy his stuff up and try again next week as I cant go over a certain budget.

Tiger Woods eBay

February 27, 2009

Tiger has made his come back after reconstructive surgery on his knee. This has caused a bit of a frenzy on eBay with people buying the usual Tiger Woods gear, hats, caps, tanks tops, shirts, and now golf equipment.

The usual normal amount of results that come up for Tiger Woods has always been staggering but since he made his powerful comeback they have simply doubled.

I couldn’t help myself so I have bought a couple of caps and even sold a bit of golf equipment to cash in the faze. What are you going to bid on as if you play golf or want to play golf then its the time to start shopping around.

Viagra on eBay?

February 26, 2009

Every day I get the usual spam emails that advertise Viagra or free watches and free money, and now I have started to get emailed with offers of Viagra on eBay??? The problem is and I’m not going to buy any, is they advertise it as African superman or blue herbal tablets, the question you have to ask yourself is would you really buy Viagra look a likes not knowing what is contained in them even though they only cost £20 a pack.

I might buy some for a mate, maybe a birthday present and see what happens when he takes the magical pill.

Mothers day

February 25, 2009

I know its over a month until mothers day but I need some with suggestions to by my mum from eBay as I forgot last year to even send her a card as I was preoccupied and never got round to it, so it there is anyone out there with any good ideas my budget is £100 and they must be able to post to the isle of man as there my parents moved to a few years ago. She loves cats and funny stuff, also card making so if you spot anything along those lines drop me a comment or email and I will go and have a look. Cheers people.

Wine on eBay

February 24, 2009

Lots of people on a monthly basis search the term “wine”. Nothing turns up as there are plenty reasons not to, with the legal age implications and the fact that selling cheap alcohol to miners would send you to prison, so people are now finding ways round this, its not as serious as the infamous recent knives episode on eBay incident but they seem to be selling large quantities of wine brewing equipment and ingredients. Is this as bad as selling the final product as there doesn’t seem to be any age limit on the ingredients? I’m not so sure but then again if you have the will and the intelligence to brew the final product then you might try and buy some of the stuff.

Everton Vs Newcastle

February 23, 2009

Everton played Newcastle last night and apparently except for Kevin Nolan’s sending off, it was the most boring game of the premier league season. One Newcastle fan was seen on sky sports saying that when he got home he would consider putting his season ticket that he has had for the past 10 years on eBay if Newcastle ever played like that again. Apparently Martins came on for Newcastle in the second half and didn’t touch the ball for 20 minutes. I cant blame it on Everton really as they don’t have ambitions to draw with the likes of Newcastle when the champions league looms 5 points away.

Cleaning products

February 22, 2009

Recently my girlfriends hands have started to fall off as she is doing loads of cleaning and the cold weather is drying her skin out, she does wear rubber gloves but they just make her hands sweat giving her the same problem, so I am in the hunt through eBay to bag a bargain some cleaning products that don’t have the bleach effect or even a cleaning person or company who can come in once a month and blitz the house. When I do a search on eBay it comes up with millions of things so I am going to have to get a bit of advice from my girlfriend which means a 6 hour search rather than my usual 20 minute search. But its worth it, if she is happy.

Jade goody on eBay

February 21, 2009

You must be living in the dark ages if you have not heard about all the happenings with Jade goody and her inevitable death due to cancer, and how the world is reacting even though the girl has offended most women and most of India in her short but crazy life, she is now arranging her wedding and selling everything that she wont need in the next life on eBay to provided admirably for her family when she is gone.

Would you buy anything of this stupid but unlucky girl as I’m not sure even though it would help her kids out, I would want anything that she has?

Not my thing really.

Clear debt management

February 20, 2009

One thing you wouldn’t expect to find on eBay is debt management or clear debt, that could help you to resolve your finances. One of my friends is struggling with her finances and is looking for a simple solution or advice and as I’m not the best person to help out with things like that, without paying the debt off myself, so I thought I would see if I could get some advice on eBay, in to how to resolve the situation for her. I think by taking her cards off her or stopping her shopping and buying silly stuff, like make up that costs £80, when she could realistically buy it for £10 would be a fantastic start but that doesn’t happen when someone is addicted to blasé spending.

The things that appear when you type in debt management to eBay are mainly books that have been written by specialists in the industry of debt management, and also one or two companies that are offering the service to solve all your debt worries which are concentrating on the fact that student debts and people with financial worries, cant help but spend.

The companies that are offering debt management are advertising under debt advice, debt solutions, debt help, Iva help or debt settlements, so it looks like they are covering all boundaries.

If you look at the international sellers you will see the Americans offering T-shirts with the association of debt management printed on them, strange but true, who would ever want one of them amazes me?

Sky box

February 19, 2009

My god dam sky box keeps messing up and I am starting to want to upgrade to the High definition box from the sky plus box, so I am going to bid on a few on eBay to see if I can bag myself a bargain, obviously I am going to sell my old box on there as sky have told me its fine and its my card that is messing up so they are sending me a new one and because I have the impetus to get a high def box it will be good timing and hopefully I can save some money by bidding through eBay. Wish me luck!

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