Clear debt management

February 20, 2009

One thing you wouldn’t expect to find on eBay is debt management or clear debt, that could help you to resolve your finances. One of my friends is struggling with her finances and is looking for a simple solution or advice and as I’m not the best person to help out with things like that, without paying the debt off myself, so I thought I would see if I could get some advice on eBay, in to how to resolve the situation for her. I think by taking her cards off her or stopping her shopping and buying silly stuff, like make up that costs £80, when she could realistically buy it for £10 would be a fantastic start but that doesn’t happen when someone is addicted to blasé spending.

The things that appear when you type in debt management to eBay are mainly books that have been written by specialists in the industry of debt management, and also one or two companies that are offering the service to solve all your debt worries which are concentrating on the fact that student debts and people with financial worries, cant help but spend.

The companies that are offering debt management are advertising under debt advice, debt solutions, debt help, Iva help or debt settlements, so it looks like they are covering all boundaries.

If you look at the international sellers you will see the Americans offering T-shirts with the association of debt management printed on them, strange but true, who would ever want one of them amazes me?