Nala Kconrahc Nala Kconrahc Nala Kconrahc

March 31, 2009

Who is this legend Nala Kconrahc he has now sold me over 100 items and I cant get enough of his bargains, has anyone come across his amazing deals, every time I order a item or items from Nala Kconrahc he seems to be able to have this inhuman method of getting items to me the same day or next day when its a late order. The best deal I have had so far is 12 bottles of verve clicquot champagne which normally retails at hundreds of pounds but for some reason he seems have sold these to me for £100 you cannot buy that sort of quality for that sort of money. All hail Nala Kconrahc.

Track day cars

March 31, 2009

A couple of the lads in the office have decided to chip in some cash and try and buy a reasonably priced track day car that we can take to a race track and without caring if we smash it up or blow it up, one lad is thinking that he should only spend around £200 and get a 5 door metro and try and fluff it up, but the other lad wants to aim a bit higher and spend around £4000 and get a alfa romeo 156 gta and handle the 250 break horse power around the track which seems a lot better.

I might chip in and try and get a quarter on the track day and try and break the sound barrier but perhaps suggest something like a lotus super seven. Im going to have a scan on eBay and see what come up.

Bose music system

March 30, 2009

I love listening to music and one of the best systems you can get is a Bose wave music system, which normally retails for thousands of pounds but its worth it to get clarity of sound, I would compare it to high definition sky TV for comparison on quality.

Now I have always wanted one but never wanted to spend that out amount of money when my Sony stereo does the same job for quarter of the cost but I didn’t think to look on eBay for one as I thought people will never sell the system or its a to expensive item to appear on eBay, but I was wrong as there seem to be lots of systems on there. I will see need to spend a fair few hundred pounds but watch this space.

Image Consultant

March 29, 2009

One or two people at work have lost weight or gained weight since Christmas and I am going to write this article and send it to them as they need to update there wardrobes to fit there new body shapes so its time to recommend a Image consultant to get them a new look.

I have looked on eBay to see if they can book one cheap and I didn’t have much look except one image consultant called get frock-ed image consultant, which looks like they could get a good make over but its just a classified advert rather than something like a service they can bid on. So they will have to search eBay and hopefully get the number and give them a bell.

Sebastian Chabal Sale Sharks

March 28, 2009

You may be aware for the past few years the french monster Sebastian Chabal has been playing for the Sale Sharks at Edgley park in Stockport, taking the league by storm, now has he has been playing some wonderful rugby for Sale and France in the six nations the world has stood and taken a big interest and its rumored that he will be leaving Sale to go back to his beloved France to see out his career.

This begs the question as always what shirts or signed products do you have related to Sebastian Chabal that you can auction on eBay as most people who support Sale or people who are big rugby fans will want a peace of this legends career. Make some cash and sell it on eBay when he goes.

Baby clothes

March 27, 2009

Lots of my friends and family are always asking me when am I going to have a baby and I have finally started to realise why as I went round a friends the other day who has now had two children who have outgrown all there clothes and they have a 6×6 foot spare room filled with old clothes and baby toys which they tried to push on me and I’m guessing that all the same people who keep asking me the same question have the same agenda and I am going to end up with enough clothes to help out half the worlds under privileged countries.

I suppose if I do get a mountain of baby clothes I could sell all of them on eBay and make a tidy profit?

Cheap Man United vs Everton tickets

March 26, 2009

Reporting on my previous article about the up and coming Man United vs Everton game at wembley it has come to my attention that most of the United fans are paying silly amounts of money for tickets to the game, as most of the United fans live abroad, so they are paying thousands, or there is the other sets of untied fans who live in London who are getting tickets cheaper as they are not paying for travel and accommodation, its a strange one as non of them actually live in Manchester.

Where are you travelling from to get to this game and I will try and get a list of all the different areas of the country and possibly world in which people are travelling from. Let me know!!

I need tickets to the Everton vs Manu wembley game

March 26, 2009

Everton tickets are now readily available through the usual sources so this has now seen a influx on eBay for the massive game which I have placed a good size bet on Everton winning and trying to win back the cost of my ticket which has cost me over £300, be careful if you buy one as they can still be picked up for around the £300 mark but some websites are selling them for over £700, and I have seen some going for a lot less than that on eBay.

Shay Givens Newcastle shirt

March 26, 2009

One lucky individual is selling the last shirt that Shay Given wore at Newcastle United in his last game, the guy is a legend and has kept Newcastle in the league for the past 10 years or so and he is like having an extra defender.

The shirt is wanted by Newcastle fans as memorabilia and Man City fans who the legend has now joined, the bidding has 20 minutes to go and is already at over £200 s the shirt is unwashed and signed and dated.

It could go for the estimated £1000 if the bidding carries on. Would you want it?

Doctor cox sayings

March 25, 2009

I’m not sure if any of you out there watch scrubs but one of my favorite characters is Doctor Cox as he comes out with some of the best sayings ever heard on TV, one clever and addicted fan has collated all of his 10 years worth of sayings and put together a hand written copy of it and is now selling a copy of it on eBay to all the obsessed fans out there.

I was going to bid on it but I couldn’t justify the costs that it got too in the last 10 minutes and someone spent over £100 on getting everyone of his sayings, and for the record my personal favorite is said to Elliot “how do you put your bra on in the morning and its time to grow up and stop suckling from your moms teat”

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