nala kconrahc

March 19, 2009

nala kconrahc, look out for this seller he is offering some of the best bargains on eBay and I have bought probably over 100 things from him in the past which have all arrived on next day delivery, i am going to vote this fella at number 1 for my top 10 sellers on eBay.

So keep an eye out for the user name nala kconrahc and trust in what he sells as I have even resold his stuff and made a tidy profit. Its a strange one as I assume Mr nala kconrahc would be a random untrustworthy name but since the first day he sent me a Nokia N95 for only £30 with next day delivery and I have been using it for over a year now without any problems I have trusted in every product he has sold me. 5 star service pal keep it up and you never know you could become the next eBay millionaire.

Rock climbing on eBay

March 19, 2009

My fiance has a girl called Sherelle come round every now and then to do her pamper session and wax her beyond all belief, now Sherelle has some great plans to go off and travel round Australia and the cook Islands but she has asked me to look up some equipment on eBay, to make her trip better and safer. One of the items involves rock climbing equipment which she absolutely loves and it involves finding a cheap harness and appropriate ropes to make her life a safe one and ensure that she has everything that the she needs for the year long trip, so here I go on eBay once again.