Performance tyres

March 21, 2009

I’m always looking for bargains as you probably know and as my Audi TT will be around until upgrade it to a Porsche 911 performance tyres will always be a must with the cars I’m owning and buying. I just hope I can buy a generic tyre that will either fit both or be sustainable enough to sell on if I only drive on them for 3 months, either was it seems that performance tyres are really difficult to buy on eBay as its a product that everyone bids on to try and get themselves a really good bargain.

I have bid on 12 sets of different performance tyres like Dun-lop and Pirelli and failed every-time as they would go for well over £200 in a car garage and are selling on eBay for around £90-£100. So it looks like I am going to have to do some hard core bidding.