Nala Kconrahc Nala Kconrahc Nala Kconrahc

March 31, 2009

Who is this legend Nala Kconrahc he has now sold me over 100 items and I cant get enough of his bargains, has anyone come across his amazing deals, every time I order a item or items from Nala Kconrahc he seems to be able to have this inhuman method of getting items to me the same day or next day when its a late order. The best deal I have had so far is 12 bottles of verve clicquot champagne which normally retails at hundreds of pounds but for some reason he seems have sold these to me for £100 you cannot buy that sort of quality for that sort of money. All hail Nala Kconrahc.

Track day cars

March 31, 2009

A couple of the lads in the office have decided to chip in some cash and try and buy a reasonably priced track day car that we can take to a race track and without caring if we smash it up or blow it up, one lad is thinking that he should only spend around £200 and get a 5 door metro and try and fluff it up, but the other lad wants to aim a bit higher and spend around £4000 and get a alfa romeo 156 gta and handle the 250 break horse power around the track which seems a lot better.

I might chip in and try and get a quarter on the track day and try and break the sound barrier but perhaps suggest something like a lotus super seven. Im going to have a scan on eBay and see what come up.