Card Making Equipment

April 30, 2009

Since my parents have retired they have found obviously that they have a lot of time on there hands so they have taken up little hobbies which all seem to have connections with eBay so as they are no really up to date with the Internet and how it works I have set them up there own eBay account and my mum has taken to it like a fish out of water. One of her hobbies is making cards, like birthday cards. She needs lots of different utensils and equipment and she has found plenty of sources and sellers of the stuff. She now loves eBay.

card making equipment

Cheap GHDS

April 29, 2009

My girlfriends GHDS has gone up in smoke as when she switches them on the red light that should stay permanent flashes like there is a loose connection. I took them apart and a wire had come loose so I soldered it but every-time she switches them back on they get to hot and the soldered connection comes loose again. As she has had these years we are now going to look for some new ones but the problem we have is if we buy some second hand ones on eBay, will they end up with the same problem. We might need to find an actual shop on eBay to make sure we get a box and a warranty.


villeroy and bosch

April 28, 2009

villeroy and bosch is world renown for the highest quality of kitchen ware and a set of cutlery can cost anything from £300 upwards. The world famous German company must make a fortune from the rich and famous out there all buying this exclusive set of kitchenware.

I found last week a desperate seller who was selling a set of the cutlery for £50 buy now, and I didn’t post it as I didn’t want other people to find it as it never appears on eBay and it you try searching villeroy and bosch you will see. It arrived this morning and my girlfriend is over the moon.


Nickelback tickets for 2009 world tour

April 27, 2009

Do you love Nickelback, do you want tickets, I know I do and I think I will be going to more than one of the concerts that they will be doing in 2009. The funny thing is they might be doing a season ticket format like in football, so if you want to attend more than one concert you will have all the tickets you need and you can re-sell the areas of the world that you cant get to on platforms like eBay.

If you managed to get the season ticket would you try and go to all the concerts of would you try and make some money back and re-sell them?


Family Guy

April 26, 2009

I love family guy and its time I got my act together and bought myself the whole 5 or 6 series box set. Every single episode is really funny and unlike common cartoons like the Simpson’s there is always at least one side splitting moment or they take things to the point of political correctness.

This has made the show appear to e more of an adult cartoon with strange and on the edge story lines. Its lines like when the baby says, “what kind of man would I be if I ran off now” and the dog says “well you would be a black man” to far?

Has anyone else out there watched it because if you have and you want to sell the box set get in touch with me and we can come to some agreement, otherwise I’m going to good old eBay.


Car sales on eBay

April 25, 2009

So many people are now selling there car on eBay as they don’t want to pay a fortune to the likes of auto-trader advertising it, or they don’t want to trade it in to a garage for half its normal cost.

One of my work colleagues has recently sold 2 cars on eBay and they didn’t even get to the bidding stage, they all went in a 48 hour period. They were bought bought for the buy it now cost and they made a good profit on what a dealer would make. I have been advised this doesn’t work when your selling a car for £10k plus it only works when your selling for something up-to the £2k mark, as people don’t mind spending that amount of money on eBay.


Darth Vader outfit

April 24, 2009

Every year I must attend about 20 parties and at least 5 of them are fancy dress parties. I don’t have a set outfit and I always end making something really poor or hiring something really expensive, so I have chosen Darth Vader as my favorite outfit and I’m going to bid and buy a full one on eBay, then I can make it my permanent 2009 fancy dress costume.

It does have some downfalls, like the fact that it normally as a fully masked helmet which makes things like drinking very difficult and on top of that you get very warm in such a full outfit.


Diamond rings

April 23, 2009

One of my friends is thinking of proposing to his girlfriend and he has has one major problem with this. He doesn’t have a ring to give her and he is on a very limited budget. His plan is to go down the route of buying someone else unwanted engagement ring. He has asked me to look around eBay for him, the only condition is, the ring must have a diamond on it. The problem is its not individuals selling there rings its corporate business who have there own eBay shop and it brings up over 21000 results when searching, so I’m preparing for the long haul.


Samsung D600

April 22, 2009

The Samsung D600 is probably except for the old school nokia’s, one of the most popular phones still in use.

My girlfriend has finally upgraded from it to the new Samsung Toco touch screen which is an awesome phone if you have little fingers.

The problem I have is do I sell the old Samsung on eBay because every-time I do I get international buyers trying to buy the phone, normally from Nigeria and they never send the cash even tough I have to pay the fees to eBay.

What might be a better option is selling it to a mate even though non of them are ever really going to want the tacky piece of rubbish. Would you?


Sat nav systems

April 21, 2009

I currently have a RAC sat nav system but it turns out that if I want to up date it, I have pay for new maps and they cost hundreds when I could go and buy a new one for about £60. I heard a funny joke the other day about someone asking for information about fixing there sat nav system as there system said that Liverpool was still in Europe.

I’m going to try and locate some cheap maps on eBay or have a shop round as I’m sure there must be a way to get second hand maps or download them for free?


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