Red Ring of Death

April 20, 2009

The red ring of death is known out there by the xbox 360 community as death for you xbox. When you boot up your xbox it has a glowing green light that spins then settles and if you ever turn your xbox on and it goes red it simply means games over and you will have to send you xbox off to Microsoft.

So many of my friend have had this problem and I’m not sure of the reason why this happens but up-to now my box has stayed green, (touch wood).

Has this ever happened to you as people have apparently getting rid of there red xbox rings of death by selling the broken box on eBay.

Be careful when buying it!


Chelsea Vs Everton FA final cup tickets

April 19, 2009

Have you decided if you want the tickets to the FA cup final? I’m sure that most cockneys will already be looking for the Wembley FA cup final tickets but if you are an Everton fan do you want to travel to Wembley again now we are in the final.

Most fans didn’t like the fact even if you were a man u fan that they all had to make the 4 hour journey down to London.

I’m going to bid on my own ticket but it will be through eBay as its always provided me with a bargain.

What will you be doing for the FA cup final?


Everton Vs Chelsea fa cup final tickets

April 19, 2009

The rubbish team that Man U put put out didn’t beat Everton in the semi final of the FA cup. Alex Ferguson couldn’t make is mind up who he was to play in the game and he went with the Arsenal attitude and went with a lot of youngsters which if it had paid of would have been a stroke of genius but instead he had egg on his face. Now you can now get your final ticket right here through eBay, I suppose that it will be easier for Londoners but if you shop around I’m sure that you can get your own bargain.

Will you be going as I know I will be.


Barcelona vs Chelsea champions league semi final tickets

April 19, 2009

Does anyone care about this game I think this will be one of the best games of the millenium. Both teams have been firing in goals and defending beyond all belief from any other teams out there.

Who will you be supporting as the the final will be the best game that any football fan will see it will contain Man U or Arsenal and Chelsea or Barcelona. I’m not sure which combination I would prefer.

I think if I had to bet on it I would choose Barcelona as they seem to have the upper hand on all other teams.


Arsenal vs Man U champions league semi final tickets

April 18, 2009

This game is going to be the game of the year and I cant wait, will you be watching it as if you dont you will miss a life changing moment and I will be personally be gutted for you.

What will you do to get Tickets to the game as I know if I could get tickets then I would trade in my car to make sure I get ticket to the game.

Has anyone got tickets as I think if I dont get some then I will have to get some through eBay and this will cost me a fortune.

Please help!


Champions league final tickets

April 17, 2009

There are people claiming on my previous blogs that they can get access to champions league final tickets that will be held in Rome. I have tried to look this up and I’m not sure if they have even been printed yet but if you keep an eye o the adverts next to this post then you will see when they become available and you can even have a scan on eBay to see if people have started to sell them. A good idea to get the champions league finals ticket would be to look up the Italian version of eBay which will probably the web address but with .it instead of

Chelsea vs Barcelona champions league semi final tickets

April 16, 2009

Chelsea vs Barcelona champions league semi final tickets, its going to be an amazing match and I personally cant wait. The Spanish giants are the favorites to win the whole tournament and with Chelsea’s past record my money is split between both of them, even though all the bookies are giving Barcelona the edge.

I’m wondering if the guy who sold me my semi final F.A cup tickets can get hold of some of the champions league tickets and sell them through eBay again. If he can I will post them on here so people can get a link and bid on them.


Man United vs Arsenal champions league semi final Tickets

April 16, 2009

Man United vs Arsenal in the champions league semi final, I cant wait as its an all English semi final and tickets will be going all over the place especially on eBay and if you get yours early enough, you make a very good profit reselling them on eBay. One of the main sellers that appears on eBay has been selling hundreds of tickets for the fixture Everton vs Man U in the semi final of the F.A cup. When he first started selling them he was only getting around £90 a ticket and now he is getting well over £300 a ticket so the closer it gets to the date the more desperate people become and the more money people will pay. Will you be going this year?


Tanning products

April 16, 2009

My girlfriend is obsessed with being the colour of the brownest person around and she is really worried about skin cancer, so she has taken to having a bath in a product called number 7 self tanning cream. This normally retails at round £12 but she has found a supplier on eBay who is selling the stuff for £3:50, and as she is always skint, this, even with postage is a bargain for her, so I am going to treat her and buy a massive amount to save her cash and her skin from falling off in the future. Check it out yourself you could making a big saving too, as long as you don’t end up looking like an umpa lumpa.

Which one of the two pictures do you prefer?


Ribena on eBay

April 15, 2009

One of my mates at work, has a carton of Ribena every morning from the butty van and we have worked out that he spends a minimum of £10 a week or £500 a year on drinking the purple liquid. He has asked me to see if I can find a bumper pack of Ribena, making the overall spend alot cheaper. I have not had much sucess so far as the biggest pack I have found is the equivalent of 20 cartons but in bottle form. I am going to have to go on the hunt big time if I want to find the guy a bargain but here goes.

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