Towel Warmers

May 22, 2009

Towel Warmers are one of the strangest things invented but my girlfriend swears by them, in my mind Towel Warmers are just glorified radiators but as my girlfriend uses three thousand towels when ever she has a bath, shower or even washes her hands they come in handy for drying all of the UK’S towels.

I now need to invest in some of these as the one we have is not enough so I’m going to compare eBay with the search engines and see what bargains I can find so my girlfriend can have 3 million showers a day and dry the remaining 26 million towels that she uses.

The funny thing is Towel Warmers are not the easiest thing to install unless you know what you are doing but one of my friend is an electrician stoke gas installer and always does me a backhander when it comes to installing these things.

The last work he did for me was installing a new boiler which has given so much more control of my bills and allows me to switch the heating off without my girlfriend knowing, as all women are cold blooded and she can help her self but switch the heating on even when the sun is burning everything in site.


Garden Gazebo

May 22, 2009

When I finally get round to searching the Internet and the usual suspect websites for a new house its got to have a big enough space to have a Garden Gazebo and enough land to have a chicken hut so I can produce my own eggs as my girlfriend sends me to the shop nearly every day for one thing or another and the second thing on the list is always eggs. Now when it comes to Garden Gazebo’s there are millions of people trying to sell them so it stands me in a good stance when I come to looking on eBay for the product Garden Gazebo.

I don’t think I would use it for the usual reasons as most people use Garden Gazebo’s for sitting in shade out the glare of the sun, but I would convert mine into a outdoor bar and barbecue which we could install heaters in so when it gets cold as it always does in the UK we can drink and eat through the night and not retire to a boring house.

Every time I go to a party we always end up drinking in the garden but I always think it would be nice to stay warm but be outside. What do you think?