matt black car wraps

September 24, 2009

Matt black car wraps, are one of the few up and coming things you can do to a car that not many people know about. The term Matt black car wraps is typed into google hardly ever but the competition under the term seems reasonably strong so I thought I would see how many people type in Matt black car wraps into eBay and see if anyone is selling the product through the online bidding site. It turns out that there isn’t any and if you offer this service especially in the Matt Black then you could corner the market on eBay.

matt black car wrapping

Guess who raped Jordan?

September 18, 2009

I know this is nothing to do with eBay but the whole of the unemployed section of the UK and everyone who is doesn’t have a life is trying to work out who raped Jordan, I’m a bit sick of this attention seeking whore so I thought I would set this up and let everyone have a guess at who supposedly raped Jordan.

I’m guessing the invisible man and she liked it, but its more likely that she is not telling anyone because it was one of her ex partners which could be half of the UK, but ill go first. My guess will be Peter Andre as she will be looking to get him in trouble for leaving her.


Jordan raped

Katie Price

fireproof spray

September 16, 2009

fireproof spray again another random product or subject that is being over looked on eBay if you google the term fireproof spray it comes up with one hundred and fifty six thousand results but when you type it in to eBay and search for it, you get no results at all, so why are these niche industries being missed, or should I set up a business and target them through eBay perhaps I could make a killing.

Have you ever dominated a product on eBay as it must be easier than google as your listing gets higher the more time that passes.

fireproof spray

fireproof spray

Fireproof lamination again

September 12, 2009

Fireproof lamination, Fireproof lamination, Fireproof lamination is the hot topic of the day and I keep getting alot of abuse as I cant stop talking about it. Again I say Fireproof lamination,Fireproof lamination,Fireproof lamination when will I shut up about it?

Buy Fireworks

September 9, 2009

Buy fireworks on eBay? I’m not even sure if your allowed to do this as buying an explosive device and having it delivered by conventional methods is against the law in the UK. One of my friends thinks he may have come up with a solution to this by selling sky lanterns. Have you ever heard of sky lanterns as they are not technically fireworks. If you type “buy Fireworks” or “fireworks” into eBay you will not get any results except adobe fireworks or artwork to do with fireworks.

How are you going to get cheap fireworks this year for bonfire night as I’m think I have not got a clue whether to go to my local shop or start shopping around online.

Do you have any ideas? What is the best to buy fireworks online for you?

Quiksilver Clothes

September 9, 2009

Quiksilver clothes, there not something I have thought about for along time as my surfing career ended 10 years ago when I was young and a sea lover. I use to go down to Cornwall every summer to a place Trewan Hall which is near Pad-stow.

Pad-stow is a lovely little village and has some of the best ice cream stores in the area. The best place for surfing is Newquay which is a few miles away. You will get a very good set of waves at fistral beach. The crowd who hang out there normally have something on them that is quicksilver, whether it be a surf board or wet suit.

In the evenings you can go out for a drink in Newquay but you wont find that people get to dressed up they tend to go out in the jeans at best but most of the gear they wear still has the quicksilver brand printed on it. The quicksilver brand is all over the surfing community and you will find that you can get allot of the stuff on eBay.

I think if have some patience and make the right bids at the right time you can get some really up to date quicksilver clothing on eBay at a real bargain price.

quiksilver clothes

Fireproof lamination follow up

September 8, 2009

I previously wrote an article about Fireproof lamination trying to work out if there was an industry on eBay for the Fireproof lamination section of the world. The response I have had is amazing, on the first day I got a simple trackback with 1 hour of my post going live and then every minute of every second from then on I have heard nothing that leads me to belive that the fireproof lamination indusrty does not exist.

Can you prove me wrong are you in the fireproof lamination industry or do you have a successful business that thrives from fireproof lamination?.

fireproof lamination fireproof lamination fireproof lamination fireproof lamination

fireproof lamination fireproof lamination fireproof lamination fireproof lamination

Fireproof Lamination

September 3, 2009

Fireproof Lamination, what a random subject but people will buy anything on eBay and I think there is a bit of a untapped market, as when you type Fireproof Lamination into the eBay search facility you don’t get any products just sponsored links or adverts, so where are all the Fireproof Lamination companies? I’m not sure as when you google Fireproof Lamination it brings up lots of random blogs or posts but with a bit further research I have found that people are advertising these under the term fire proof boards but as the industry is tiny the only thing that comes up on eBay is fire proof ironing boards. There must be someone out there with the potential to capture the fireproof lamination industry on eBay. Send me a email or post a comment if you fancy a go at conquering eBay!

Fireproof lamination

Fireproof lamination

Free primary school meals

September 3, 2009

Britain’s government has decided to issue a 20 million pound budget which hundreds of schools bid for to make the lunches of every pupil at the school completely free. The thought behind this is to save money by controlling diet and budgets. I’m wondering if eBay did something radical like making all postal cost free or included in the cost of the product you are buying with some exceptions like large products or products under five pounds, whether it would create more sales and traffic? What do you think?

The whole of Scotland as of next August will have free school dinners, and two schools in England are going to trial this from today.

free school meals

Johnny heitinga joins Everton

September 2, 2009

Johnny Heitinga has joined Everton from athletico Mradrid for a initial 6 million pounds, you may ask why am I telling you this on a eBay related site but the Spanish eBay has now been flooded with the old Madrid shirt with his name etched on the back hoping to tempt Everton fanns to buy a cheap version of his named shirt.

To be honest its quite a novel idea but I’m not so sure that the scouse blue half of Liverpool will spend money on a other teams top just because it has the name of a new player that has joined the club. Good luck anyway.

johnny heitinga

johnny heitinga