Cheap gas cooker eBay

November 23, 2009

So I have finally pulled my finger out and decided to sell the cooker I stupidly bought when I moved into my house a year ago which was the wrong size. As you can see from the photo its a decent cooker but simply doesn’t fit the space. You can watch the auction here or if you fancy a 1 year old well looked after gas cooker for pick up only in the Macclesfield area/ Cheshire area then feel free to bid. Its on a 3 day auction and has had the minimum asking price met already. My new one arrives on Saturday so im looking to get rid as soon as possible.


Banner stands

November 11, 2009

This afternoon on my lunch I decided to start my Christmas shopping with a friend from work, luckily we work close to a business park so there was a couple of shops to start in and get a few things ticked off on my list.
I started off with my girlfriends Christmas shopping as it is probably going to be the most difficult and the most costly. On turning into the business park a giant banner stand advertising a 20% discount on electronic gadgets greeted me – perfect considering on my girlfriends list was new GHD hair Straighteners. The only issue was the ones on the list were brand new and subsequently not on offer – typical!!!!
My then diverse mind logged on to EBay to see if they do Father Christmas Banner Stands as I thought one of them in front of my house would personally put Christmas on to my street.