Christmas cards

December 7, 2009

Christmas cards are the hot topic this year at work as a few people have decided to set up there own online business selling home made Christmas cards. They are not in such a short space of time how to get there sometimes F A N T A S T I C products in front of the ever willing public so they can sell them. Obviously being the eBay F R E A K that I am i have suggested that they trying an auction or two on eBay and taking some high quality close up photos of the great designs they have come up with.

One girl over the weekend has made over 300 individual unique cards, I’m not sure if she has a boyfriend or even a telly but were all sure that elf Christmas card making speed freak is our key to making a killing if we can shift the cards before we run out of time and Christmas is upon us.

If any of you fancy your own hand made card or unique Christmas cards for all your family and friends drop me a comment or message and we will see if you like what we are doing and we make do you a good deal if you buy enough?