What is the highest level you have got on Der riese zombies on cod (call of duty)

February 24, 2010

I bought the game COD also known as call of duty world at war on eBay for a bargain price of £15 and have been hammering the online gaming side of this, completing 5 or 6 prestige levels in the past year or so.

I have now bought modern warfare 2 but im always drawn back to the online presence of WAW and especially the zombies game that you can play online or at home with 1,2,3, or 4 players.

My favorite level is Der Riese with the transporters and and the potential to upgrade weapons making it hours of fun if your any good at this.

A while ago my friend and me decided that we were going to try and get a far as possible without glitching, the highest level we got consistently too was 37, and we published this across face book and other networking sites to our mates, the challenge was set.

We got texts and mms to prove any high levels, after 6 months we were beaten by one of our mates who got to 38, we obviously got a crate of Stella and a few pizzas and sat down to try and beat this, eventually we did getting to level 39.

I’m sure we could have gone further but we panicked and tried to just get past the level instead of thinking about the next level and got murdered.

We thought last night that if we could have gone further that our mates could do the same so we tried again last night and we managed to get to level 43 which you can see in the photo below.

I’m wondering what levels other people have got to on the der riese map WITHOUT glitching as i know we can get to over level 100 with cheats so i was hoping people would honestly post there best level with a possible photo and I will publish them here, if you cant upload a photo send it me and I will upload it for you, or give me a link to it and i.e. photo bucket and I will get it from there.

If we can get a big enough response I will try and set up a online game for the best 4 players to try and beat it at a later date. Get posting people.

der riese zombies


Or you can buy the game here and challenge us!!!!



John Terry Fired

February 5, 2010

The England captain and legend has been fired from the role of England captain. The guy is some people eyes has become a legend on the pitch and the bedroom looking like the next tiger woods when it comes to women. What will be next for the England ex captain? I’m hoping we will see some of his memorabilia on eBay soon, I’m sure an England captains armband would raise a pretty penny or two. Would you bid on any of John Terry’s stuff if they did appear on eBay?

I think I would just from a football point of view though not as a PLAYER.