Wooden Blinds Designed With Style In Mind

March 8, 2010

Wooden Blinds are a great option when you are looking to introduce a natural wood look into a room in your home. The traditional methods used to manufacture the wood really shine through when your blinds have been installed.

Classic wood tones and modernistic deep chocolate shades can be seen throughout the many ranges available to purchase online.

Popularity for wooden blinds has increased tenfold over the past few years, driving the cost of the finished blind down. Quality of the blinds is always number one priority along with efficiency and durability, making your new window covering last longer.

Homes owners throughout the UK are often very style conscious and when it comes to complementing the home with new furnishings it is very important to ensure the right colour choices are made. The sheer volume of colours available to browse through is simply huge, subtle pine or an outlandish vibrant redwood.

Delivery times are slashed due to the speedy manufacturing process allowing you to order a fully bespoke blind and have it delivered to your home within only 5-7 working days. All fitting brackets are supplied meaning the whole process from start to finish is not only cost effective but very straight forward.

wooden blinds

wooden blinds

Cheryl and Ashley Cole on eBay

March 6, 2010

Everybody knows about the cheat Ashley Cole and the new subject of sex-ting, but is this really going to stick as I have seen some people selling techniques and tips on sex-ting on eBay.

Is there really a skill to this or should you just be yourself and text what your thinking. Do you think this subject should be sold on eBay or do you think that becoming a love rat or cheat should not be sold or taught, as I can only see it becoming a funny but controversial subject.

What are your thoughts people let me know and ill pst the updates.

cheryl and ashley

Cheryl and Ashley

The onset of spring

March 6, 2010

With the onset of spring finally appearing n the UK is it time to change to change your eBay selling techniques or is it time to stick to the tried and tested. I notice always around this time of year that lots of people get the summer bug and try and sell off all there summer gear from last year to prepare for that inevitable summer holiday.

Last year I saw some funny things appearing on eBay like giant inflatables that have obviously been bought on holiday, no doubt because of the expenditure buying them, they were dragged back to the UK and the mistake was realised, so that’s why in 2009 we saw eBay flooded with blow up animals and floatation devices.

animal floats

animal floats

Wayne Bridge and his ex misses wedding ring

March 4, 2010

Now we all know about the alleged affair between John Terry and Vanessa Perroncel, and the distraught look on Wayne’s face when he found about the news, but what is his face going to look like now when he finds out his ex, the mother of his child is selling the ring he gave her very openly and publicly on eBay?

I’m sure he will deal with it with all the grace and dedication he did the other day when faced with shaking John Terry’s hand at the face off, City vs Chelsea.

The thing is, Vanessa Perroncel is a gorgeous looking woman and you cant blame John Terry but I’m not overly sure on how the public thinking is on her and whether she will get a decent amount for the ring if she is hated or will some sick minded individual buy this for a trophy hoping to make some celebrity profit out of it in the future. Only time will tell.

Whats your opinion?

vanessa perroncel

vanessa perroncel