Baby massage in manchester

June 30, 2010

Baby massage in Manchester, what a strange thought buying a massage for a baby. But you would be amazed on what people will sell through eBay, I found a company offering presents for new born babies as my friend has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy at Manchester royal infirmary.

I thought about throwing a baby shower or the usual alcohol related things but then I found this baby massage locally in Manchester so I bid on the buy now price and won.

Apparently the benefits of interaction with the baby are massive and the stimulation can help the baby develop. It can also inspire new parents to try new things with there new born baby.

baby massage in manchester

baby massage in Manchester


The company who sent me the winning big big are

I wasn’t there for the baby massage but it was loved by mother and baby, so another good bid from me.

World cup streaming. Watch the world cup live online

June 11, 2010

Im looking for a live stream to watch the world cup live and i know itv will be showing some of the games but if i post an article about world cup streaming or watching the world cup live my adverts might start showing websites that are doing this so here goes. FINGERS CROSSED.

Top 5 google backgrounds

June 9, 2010

Hey people I tweeted this idea to see what suggestions everyone could come up with the best background for your Google homepage.

I have hundreds of suggestions but my favorite is to take this website and the revolving clocks and bastardise it so it fits on my home page so I can see when a species dies, or when a new baby is born. The strange ones are how many cigarettes have been smoked today people who have died of hunger today. What suggestions have you come up with?

See the image below.


Glastonbury or the world cup

June 8, 2010

I know this has little to do with eBay but on the other hand everyone will be shopping on eBay for there world cup equipment and for stuff at Glastonbury.

Last year a friend of mine spent £36 on a tent chairs, mats, sleeping bag etc which I’m sure if he had wanted to that he could of resold for around £100.

The world cup stuff that’s all over eBay at the minute is really expensive and boring I’m sure after the world cup you will be able to get some great memorabilia even the odd players shirt.

Whats your choice this year Glastonbury or the world cup?