I can’t sell my things

January 31, 2011

Sometimes people don’t want your things on ebay. I once tried to sell a carrier bag that I think Cliff Richard might have once looked at. But no one bought it.

There was also the time that I found a piece of toast that had a burnt bit on it that looked like the face of a seahorse, but no one bought that either; not even seahorse fans.

I don’t really understand it because my mates seem to sell all sorts of things on ebay – all the junk from their bedrooms. But I don’t have much luck. Ever. With anything really.

Trading things on ebay

January 31, 2011

I once read a story about how a man had traded a paperclip for a house on ebay. He gradually traded things until he managed to get a house.

I’ve been trying something similar but so far, I haven’t got a house. I started with some blu-tac. I got a paperclip for it. Then I traded the paperclip for a drawing pin. I put the drawing pin on ebay and I got a staple for it – it was a used one as well.

I tried to sell the staple, but so far, no one wants it. I think it’s because it’s used; I was conned.

Good things about ebay

January 24, 2011

Ebay is a great way to meet friends. I’ve got almost four friends on ebay and I chat to them every night.
There’s a great ‘chat’ feature on the site which allows you to send lots of different faces to your friends. You can send them a smiley face, an angry face, a laughing face; you can even send a love heart if you really like them.

As well as that, you can put your photos on ebay to show to your friends. I like to put pictures of me typing on my computer on there, so people can see what I look like most of the time. Ebay really is great.

Oh, wait; I think I’m thinking of Facebook.

Why I love ebay

January 12, 2011

I love ebay. I love everything about it. I love the logo, the web address, the items. Brilliant.

If you haven’t got any money, then ebay is a place where you can sell all sorts of rubbish and make a few pence from it.

It’s not just about selling stuff though. Everything about it is good; the logo, the web address, the items. Brilliant.

Sometimes I just sit and stare at the logo for hours on end. The bright colours are so nice and it’s my favourite way to spend an evening. I love looking at ebay. You should try it too.

Ebay is good

January 11, 2011

Ebay is a really good website and I love it because you can sell lots of different things on this website. Once I sold a racoon who plays the trumpet and another time I sold a cat with a face made out of marmite.

Some people will pay a lot of money for things that you don’t want and that’s why ebay is so good. If you have a lot of old rubbish that is messing up your room, then put it on ebay because someone will probably give you money for it and you can buy sweets with that money.