Royal wedding invitations

February 24, 2011

With the Royal Wedding invitations having been handed out this week, the public are starting to get excited about what is likely to be one of the events of the year.
With the guest list ranging from David & Victoria Beckham, through to MP’s and other members of the royal family, it is likely to be a who’s who of fashionable people.
The invitations that have been released were quickly leaked to the press and have been widely praised for their simple, yet elegant design. This is in keeping with William and Kate’s modest lifestyle that they appear to lead despite being one of the most photographed couples.
For those of us not lucky enough to get an invite, there is the added bonus of the way the bank holidays fall and if you are clever enough (or your boss is understanding), then you can actually end up with 11 days off work, whilst using only 3 official holiday days.
If you haven’t already started thinking about it, the opportunity for street party is something that shouldn’t be turned down. These parties are likely to be the bringing together of people, who in current society don’t always speak with their neighbours.
All in all, the wedding of William and Kate will be an event not to be missed.