eBAy famous Toast

September 22, 2008

On Friday afternoon there were quite a few silly articles and items posted around the world on eBay and inevitably, the actual shape or image of the United States vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is appearing on a strange looking piece of toast, on eBay.

The similarity is sceptical but pretty good. The crazy Bids were last at $12,100.00, when i last looked they had more than a full day to bid. There is another crazy but entrepreneurial mad toast seller has managed to put Obama and McCain have a fight and on the other side of another toasty shape of Mrs Palin. Strangely in comparison to the other piece after toast its not been bid on yet.

Reuters have released reports that anything to do with Palin and all types of merchandise is all over eBay, with sellers coming up with all sorts of ideas from Palin Barbie dolls and crazily action figures, to ugly Palin supposedly sexy thongs. The amount of Sarah Palin products for sale on eBay completely outnumber her democratic opponent Joe Biden with stats saying over 6-1. But obviously Barack Obama is the man with the biggest eBay listings with over 4000 selling items, compared to John McCain’s 1500.


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