Nosh and Breks Macclesfield

September 7, 2010

DON’T TRUST THIS CAFE!!! (this is only my opinion read below)

Nosh and Breks Macclesfield, I want to talk about one or two things that are continually happening at the little cafe in Macclesfield on Hurdsfield Road.

A friend of mine lives around the corner on Garden Street, the road is renowned for being a very busy road and is consistently full of parked cars from the residents and people trying to avoid parking charges at the local train station.

As my friend has two cars, he and his girlfriend sometimes get pushed out of the parking spaces on the street by working late or just being unlucky. The next best place to park is outside Nosh and Breks cafe because of street lights etc.

The first time he did this a mad lady stormed out of the cafe telling him he could not park there as the space infornt of the shop is used by cars, truck, builders etc stopping for breakfast. As there are no yellow lines or signs she has no rights to the stretch of road.

Now, its not a coincidence that any car that has parked there over night has ended up with a large key scratch all the way down the side facing the shop. It has been reported that over 10 cars have had this happen.

We have no video evidence but if you owned the shop and wanted that space free, what would make the cars that are parking there never return, a deep key scratch?

One car in particularly has been attacked more than 3 times in the same spot with more elaborate scratches.

If this has happened to you please report it here.

All this is circumstantial but if any body has had this happen to them and we let the right authorities know surely they will be forced to investigate further and make this crime stop happening.

Nosh and Breks Macclesfield

Nosh and Breks Macclesfield


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