Online bingo is a good way of earning some extra cash outside your eBay exploits

May 11, 2011

Making cash with eBay is relatively simple as long as you’ve got stuff to sell, but you’re always likely to get to the point where you can’t really think of anything else you need to offload. At this point, it might be worth looking elsewhere on the internet to find ways of making some extra cash.

Online bingo is a good way of earning a little bit of money to bolster the sales you’re making on eBay. There are loads of sites to choose from, offering a range of different promotions to make playing bingo online more fun and to make it more lucrative if you have luck on your side.

One of the leading sites out there at the moment is bingo hollywood. One of bingo hollywood’s current promotions gives you the chance to head to Ascot for Ladies’ Day – another chance to earn yourself a bit of cash whilst having a good time.

Other promotions special games with guaranteed jackpots of anything from £15 to £5000. There are more promotions available at other sites, so if you want to keep as up to date as possible with regard to online bingo, have a look!


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