Fireproof Lamination

September 3, 2009

Fireproof Lamination, what a random subject but people will buy anything on eBay and I think there is a bit of a untapped market, as when you type Fireproof Lamination into the eBay search facility you don’t get any products just sponsored links or adverts, so where are all the Fireproof Lamination companies? I’m not sure as when you google Fireproof Lamination it brings up lots of random blogs or posts but with a bit further research I have found that people are advertising these under the term fire proof boards but as the industry is tiny the only thing that comes up on eBay is fire proof ironing boards. There must be someone out there with the potential to capture the fireproof lamination industry on eBay. Send me a email or post a comment if you fancy a go at conquering eBay!

Fireproof lamination

Fireproof lamination