Just Search

July 15, 2010

Just Search, is a game we play on eBay, you have to come up with a term that you can Just Search and only get one result. If you find a product that only has one result you get points for the buy it now price and points for the amount of letters contained in the product description.

Try playing Just Search with your friends and create a league table with a prize from a cheap seller on eBay. We did this and the only reason I’m blogging about the game Just Search is because I won, my friends have just bought me a new water bottle for my bike.

We have recoreded all the results so we can play again next month and not include all the products used so far.

Off the record I won because I found a misspelt product with no other matches which have a very long description getting me the most points and making me the Just Search champion for July.